10-Strike SearchMyDiscs ver.3.4

Posted By: gaudeamus
10-Strike SearchMyDiscs ver.3.4

10-Strike SearchMyDiscs ver.3.4 | 2,86 MB

10-Strike SearchMyDiscs is a CD cataloging software, which allows you to create and maintain your own CD database. If you are tired of having to search through dozens of disks every time you need some information, this program is for you! Organize your CD/DVD collection into disk catalog, and create CD database with files and folders from various disks.

With SearchMyDiscs' help are able to:

* Organize and catalog your CD and DVD disks with software, photos, MP3 music, and other data.
* Search files fast and easily.
* Find the disk with needed file in seconds.
* Find duplicated files on disks.
* Catalog and search photos on disks using image thumbnails (RAW files supported).
* Quickly check whether you already have some software or music before downloading them again.
* Browse disks from your collection without inserting them into computer.
* Save handy reports on search results