Surfnow Professional Gold

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Surfnow Professional Gold
Why do you need a SurfNOW Professional?

Your computer is tracking all your Internet history. Anyone who can touch your computer can know the website you have visited, the web pages, images and videos you have ever seen. They will also know which files you have just opened in Office and many other applications.

All these tracks are stored in your hard disk. Just emptying the Recycle Bin and deleting the Internet cache in web browser will not protect you at all. Even your hard disk is formatted, others can know your past activities using some tools even several years later.
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SurfNOW Professional offers all features of Standart Version plus adds a following features!

General Features :

Sock4 Proxy Server!
Sock5 Proxy Server!
Proxy Chain!
Proxy Map!
WinSock level FireWall!
Wash away your online and offline tracks to protect your privacy!
Custom wash cycles put you in control!
Improves your system performance!
cleans the tracks of popular programs such as MediaPlayer.
Includes all features of Standart version and adds more…
Browser Cleaning (Internet Explorer and Netscape) :

URL History!
Typed URLs!
Windows Cleaning :

Recycle Bin!
Recently Opened Documents List!
Windows Run History!
Windows Find History!
PC Cleaning (Plug In Support) :
Media Player!
and more coming soon…!