16 Software AutoScreen 1.46

Posted By: arungupta
16 Software AutoScreen 1.46

16 Software AutoScreen 1.46 | 4 mb

AutoScreen is a customizable, easy-to-use automatic screenshot taker and ImageShack/FTP uploader. It sits quietly in the background, waiting until the specified interval has been reached. It then takes a screenshot – essentially a picture of your computer screen, also known as a 'screen capture' or 'snapshot' – and saves it to disk, and/or uploads it to ImageShack and/or an FTP server.

Features include:

* Fully customizable screenshots (image format, dimensions, filename, etc)
* ImageShack uploading (with transloading support). ImageShack is a free, well-known image hosting service.
* FTP uploading
* Upload speed throttling
* Customizable filename timestamps
* Warning before screenshot is taken
* Multiple-monitor support, with X/Y/width/height coordinate support
* Password-protection – prevent others from changing your settings, enabling/disabling AutoScreen, etc
* "Ghost"-mode – hide AutoScreen's presence
* Setting import/export – easily backup and restore your settings
* Automatic temporary disabling while the screensaver is active and/or the keyboard/mouse is idle
* Proxy support