SecurStar DriveCrypt PlusPack 3.90G - Encrypts the whole operating system!

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SecurStar DriveCrypt PlusPack 3.90G - Encrypts the whole operating system!

SecurStar DriveCrypt PlusPack 3.90G | 5.62 MB

Pre-Boot Authentication: The user is authenticated by means of pre-boot authentication (PBA) before the system is started and therefore before the operating system is booted. This kind of authentication cannot be manipulated, PBA therefore guarantees maximum security. Neither keys nor passwords are stored on the PC’s hard disk. All of the information required to boot the operating system is derived from the password. This makes the use of hard disk tools for analyzing the hard disk completely ineffective. PBA in provided by a system call BootAuth and is fully graphical, allowing organizations to customize the login screen.
Full Disk Encryption: Automatic & transparent FDE offers several key advantages relative to file encryption. FDE secures the system and temp files that often contain sensitive data but are missed by file encryption. Even removing the drive itself does not give access to any file or directory structure. FDE is performed sector by sector without creating temp or backup files: As a result, large files will decrypt without delay whereas file encryption is normally much slower. FDE also avoids such time consuming tasks as secure deletes of temp files or work files in clear text, and obviates the need to do a full delete on disks to be discarded.
How does it work? As data is read from the hard disk, DCPP automatically decrypts the data before it is loaded into memory. When data is written back to the hard disk, it is automatically re-encrypted. This process is completely transparent to the user or any application programs, the data is caught "on the fly" as it transfers back and forth between the hard disk and memory. Consequently, users don't need to remember to decrypt or re-encrypt their data, or change the normal operation of their PC. In addition, only individual sectors are decrypted at any one time, not the whole hard disk. Other products that claim to be "on the fly" decrypt an entire file and load it into memory, creating significant security risks. DCPP is smarter and more secure because it decrypts only the specific sectors of a file that are in use. Unprotected data never resides on a DCPP encrypted disk.

Features and Benefits:
• The ability to handle up to 16 terabytes of encrypted data. • 256-bit military strength encryption using proven cryptographic algorithms. • Easy to install, deploy and use. • Powerful Pre-Boot Authentication. • Completely transparent to the user. • Sector level protection. • Anti dictionary and brute-force attack mechanisms, due to the nature of DCPP it is the most difficult system to attack compared to anything else available. • Special functionality the prevents passwords from being sniffed/captured. • Minimal administration and user training. • Supports many kinds of media (hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP, JAZ, etc…) • Ability to validate the integrity of the encryption methods used by DCPP.

New version of DriveCrypt Plus Pack, version 3.9 has now been released.
These new version now compatible with the new Microsoft Vista (32 Bit) operating system and optimized the on-the-fly encryption/decryption process is now even faster.

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