3DQuickMold 2013 SP0

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3DQuickMold 2013 SP0

3DQuickMold 2013 SP0 | 463.5 mb

3DQuickMold is a high-performance mold design program that enables engineers to create and test complex molds within SolidWorks. As a complete mold-design solution, 3DQuickMold provides advanced modeling capabilities and unique time-saving tools to boost productivity. Containing the richest trade specific functions, mold designers can gain significant design speed to accomplish the most complex mold design projects.

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About 3D QuickTools Ltd.

3D QuickTools Ltd. was set up by a group of experienced tooling specialists and CAD/CAM programmers in 2002. Our mission is to enable tooling engineers to use the power of 3D design. The flagship product - 3DQuickPress got the support and applause from SolidWorks Corporation and many famous tooling companies even before the initial product launch. The die design system is based on SolidWorks platform to take the benefits of its powerful modeling capabilities. The company concentrates to develop trade-specific functions to make 3DQuickPress the best-in-class solution to the metal manufacturing industries.

3DQuickMold 2013 SP0

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Name: 3DQuickMold
Version: 2013 SP0
Interface: english
OS: Windows Vista / Seven
System Requirements: SolidWorks 2011-2013
Size: 463.5 mb

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