43 Computer Pranks

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43 Computer Pranks

«43 Computer Pranks»
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Crazy Num-Caps-Scroll v 1.04
This program will toggle switches Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock through the intervals defined by you. You can play with all the keys at once, and you can fret only one or two of them. Hard to imagine what a crushing blow to the human psyche causing permanent "self" to switch the keyboard on the upper case (Caps Lock every fifteen seconds, especially if the effect of this program are currently set by the text. Like many other decent programs, Crazy Num-Caps-Scroll is controlled from the command line.
43 Computer Pranks

Mean Swapper v 1.0
Very simple, yet vicious program. It is to periodically swap the functions of the left and right mouse buttons. Easily killed by Ctrl-Alt-Del. We need only comply with one rule: kill Mean Swapper only when the mouse is working correctly. Otherwise will have to climb in the Control Panel, clicking the right button mouse on the image, and after explaining Wind so that you are not left-handed.

Rotating colors v 1.0
Rotating colors every 10 minutes changes the color scheme of registration of Windows, modify the colors of windows, text, buttons and panels. After the first such update in the mind of the user go through two dozen scary thought, ranging from "Wind and sglyukanuli errors were switched to 16-titsvetny regime," and ending with "All right, khan my video card." Only the forced slaughter of the program (Ctrl-Alt-Del and "completion of work tasks Rotate Windows can restore its normal, and so is not too attractive, look.

AMonitor v 1.53
AMonitor - the utility will display works in the background, hidden. It allows you to keep track of time in tracking programs, prohibit access to certain folders, to block unwanted startup programs. We are currently interested in the past. The chips in as: прогу install this on someone else's computer (it has its own provides your autostart on boot) and then hang prohibitions on one half of the user programs, and the other half of the time limit of one minute. Perform the all of these transactions can be very fast - program has Russian interface. And progress on the treated Amonitor-th car, or not start at all or take off immediately after starting. If you do not know such a thing as sympathy, then hang a limit only on any one program: user comes from the mind, setting and pereustanavlivaya her, and vainly trying to understand the reasons for the unexpected "glyukovatosti.

Random Burper v1.00
If you have access to a computer belonging to something solid branch, and, moreover, you feel irrepressible desire to do some stuff, then I would advise you to use the services of Random Burper. Since its filing Office computer suddenly starts to retch all Lada, lifting the mood of the people around him. To ensure that everyone can enjoy these sounds miraculous, Random Burper presents Wind in the volume to maximum before each zvukoizvlecheniem. End this abuse can anyone guess who put the cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. Well, guess who will not - will have to stop one's ears and feverishly twist the volume of the column. Jokes very doubtful, but done well.

Mean Snoring Mouse v1.0
But it is more innocent creation. Mean Snoring Mouse program converts the computer into sleep mode every time the owner of the PC for a while not using the keyboard and mouse. One problem, the notion of "sleep mode" Mean Snoring Mouse understood literally: PC simply takes and starts a loud snore. Snore very artistically, with a soul. Bul'ka and prisvistyvaya …

WAV Launcher v1.06
This program is the fact that at certain intervals of time runs the selected program or you lose something spiteful wav-file. Jokes with a belch or hrapyaschim computer does not seem to be all good, but it can uslazhdat listening test user, and any other sounds to choose from. WAV Launcher works covertly.
Yes, that's something like that. The potential of this great program. You do not limit their activities only to work with sound. Remember that run the script every minute Notepad can also be fairly "happy" user.

CrazyIcons v 1.0
Running on a computer program CrazyIcons causes the icons will begin to turn perepolzat from place to place. True, they do it quite slowly and imperceptibly. Perepolzet to a new place one icon, then wait for a decent pause, starts another crawl. Therefore, it may happen that the CrazyIcons user does not notice immediately. Well, for example, it will first popechataet little something to open in full-screen Word-e, and then cast a look on your desktop. Imagine how pleased he then saw a scrap-heap of icons, in which something else, and swarm on top.

SwappingIcons v 1.0
The program is similar SwappingIcons partizanschinoy. Only it does not make icons creep - it only periodically change their places. External working table is in good order, but its owner, unfortunately, for some reason it stops completely oriented. He begins to think, a long scan an image on the monitor, and puzzled scratch reputation … And CrazyIcons and SwappingIcons can be cut, if click on the subtle icon in the system tray.

Earthquake v 1.0
Well, this is a classic. Wait sensitive after launch, the program develops mad Earthquake activity and starts feverishly shake open window as if the inside of your (or your not) monitor earthquake occurs grave. Work can not be user in horror … Beauty! Earthquake running in the background, unnoticed. Killed through the Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Message Manager Lite v1.05
At a given time, you Message Manager Lite displays the computer's standard window messages Windows, which brings to the attention of the user of the unfortunate fact that his computer is infected with malicious virus that the processor will soon melt, or that the level of intelligence of the user has reached dangerously low levels. However, you can think of, to be informed of your sacrifice on behalf of the operating system. Message Manager Lite allows you to display windows of different types (message, information, confirmation or warning), the buttons (up to 9 pieces and no. Program works with the command line, more in HELP.

Stop Smoking v1.1
Ordinary Harassment. After running Stop Smoking in a corner of the screen for hours on a small smoldering cigarette. Smoke from the cigarettes from time to time will be collected in a small cloud to form like a human skull. So the creator of simple hints that smoking is harmful. Especially for those who do not understand these hints, you will periodically be ablaze with the inscription: Stop smoking! The caption briefly disappears when to hold the mouse cursor on it. After the first run the program independently copies itself in the Windows directory, and automatically provides a residence permit in the registry. Stop Smoking Stop the work can only be entering a special code (Iceman stop-168026-smoke) or to clean the registry. By Ctrl-Alt-Del, this program is not visible.

ButtonShyMouse v1.0
The program teaches ButtonShyMouse mouse cursor otprygivat from most of the buttons, including those from the same long-Start buttons. Believe me, pure pleasure to observe how the user, looking at the screen large circular eyes, diligently trying to click, say, on the "OK" and the cursor does not agree to this.

But this program its not overly advertise. But under the able leadership of the mouse cursor starts to live its completely independent life and to mix on the screen as he wishes. Using the command line when running MouseFX you can specify which of the five well-known algorithm of this program should give the rat the cursor. The most damning - the fifth. This is where at random (not too short) period of time the mouse pointer jumps over to an arbitrary point of the screen. From this, anyone has five minutes begins to feel uncontrollable attacks of rage, computer lupit fist, rush to the surrounding, and gnaw the wooden legs of chairs.

Fake Start Menu 95 v1.00
This program replaces the standard toolbar MS Windows. After its poor user can run long, but to no avail to click on the Start button, trying to cause associated with the standard menu. It does not appear. While this button will be happy to respond to his efforts, and to pretend that is pressed. The only that will work on the fake icon in the taskbar is the clock. At the pleasure of the user, they will even show the correct time. By Ctrl-Alt-Del Fake Start Menu 95 is not available (a combination of keys is blocked, but if you type on the keyboard, RJ, the program closes itself, issuing a message that it was just a joke.

Follow Me v1.00
Program titled "Follow Me" makes the Start running right-left on the Windows taskbar, so that this button has always been strictly under mouse cursor. Now, nothing prevents you to use in conjunction with the Follow Me Hook99. Feel free to write to the Hook-OK Go: "fishing!" or, say: "Pocheshi my belly!", then the program Follow Me forcing most important button in Windows to play with the cursor in arkanoyd. It should be noted that even in the Start, "the active-rolling" condition continues to operate as if nothing had happened, so tyknuv a mouse, you still get to him much-needed menu. It is humanely.
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