602LAN Suite v2004.0.6.0810

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602LAN Suite v2004.0.6.0810

602LAN Suite v2004.0.6.0810
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The 602LAN SUITE mail server provides secure, web-enabled, virus free & spam-filtered mail. Never waste precious time on dangerous or unwanted email again!

Secure Mail Server
This standard based SSL SMTP & SSL POP3 mail server allows access via any standard POP3 e-mail client (e.g. Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.). 602LAN SUITE can also be used as an SMTP relay mail server (MTA) for another e-mail system. SSL (Socket Secure Layer) access provides secure, encrypted transmission between the e-mail client and server.

Simple E-Mail Archive
Automatically forward every incoming and outgoing e-mail to a special archive account. Obtain compliance with federal law, monitor employee e-mail usage, and keep a record of customer correspondence with ease.

Flexible E-mail Distribution
E-mail delivery via a static IP address (e.g. Leased line, DSL, etc.) can be configured as an incoming SMTP mail server. A dynamic IP address (e.g. dial-up) can be used with unlimited POP3 collection and automatic sorting.

Next Generation Web Mail Client
The included web mail client provides access to e-mail ANYWHERE using a standard web browser. This must-have feature allows remote users to access their e-mail, folders and address books. Also, get instant e-mail access on-the-go with any WAP compatible mobile phone.

Shared Address Books
Administrators can create, import and export shared address books through the Web Mail client. Any e-mail client with LDAP support (e.g. Outlook Express) can search the local 602LAN SUITE user list for quick intra-company communication.

Advanced E-mail Rules
E-mail rules can automatically sort incoming messages into folders, forward e-mail to other users, reply to sender or send message notifications through an Internet-enabled mobile phone.

Integrated Network Fax Server
Fax services can be provided through any standard TAPI fax modem. Give network users the ability to send and receive faxes with this easy-to-use fax server. All incoming faxes are delivered to user mailboxes (by Fax ID) or printed directly to a printer.

Secure Remote Web Administration
Access and modify any settings of the software from the LAN, WAN or the Internet using a standard web browser. SSL encryption is provided for complete end-to-end security over the Internet.

Easy User Administration
Users can be imported from a .CSV file or the Windows NT/2000/XP user database for easy management. All rights can be restricted and a mailbox size limit can be set independently for each user. Be in complete control, without the hassles of complex administration routines.