DeskCalc TaxPro v3.4.3

Posted By: medion
DeskCalc TaxPro v3.4.3
Deskcalc v. 3 is a full-featured memory calculator
and tape adding machine for Windows. All of your numbers and calculations
are displayed on the screen, in traditional calculator tape format, or as a
simple spreadsheet. It's easy to modify any numbers or operations in the
spreadsheet, and immediately see the new results. Advanced users can
export their calculations to Excel or to any other spreadsheet, for additional

Unlike the calculator that comes bundled with Windows, Deskcalc
lets you resize the calculator, input complex expressions, convert between
currencies, calculate sales tax or VAT with a single button, perform
both floating point and fixed point calculations, and copy the results
to the Windows clipboard. It's simple to load, save, print, modify, or
export the calculator tape. Instead of stapling a curly printed tape to
your accounting or tax records, you can print all of your calculations
with page titles and date/time stamps, or save your calculations in
spreadsheet format. These powerful features will lower your frustration
level when reconciling financial records. In addition, you will save
money by providing financial information to your accountant or tax
preparer in an easy-to-use format.

Unlike mechanical or electronic calculators, Deskcalc doesn't waste your
physical desk space, use up expensive rolls of tape, require batteries
or power supplies, or get lost underneath a pile of paper.

Whether you're a business person who has outgrown the entry-level
calculator that comes bundled with Windows, a student who needs an
intuitive way to perform complex calculations, or a home user who wants
to save time when preparing budgets or tax returns, Deskcalc has the
tools that you need.



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