Acorn 1.5.3

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Acorn 1.5.3

Acorn 1.5.3
Mac App | 7mb | Rs,Hf

Acorn is an innovative image editor built with simplicity in mind. Fast, easy, and fluid, Acorn provides the tools you need to alter and enhance your images, without any overhead. Acorn feels right, it won't drain your bank account, and you don't need a Ph.D. in computer graphics to use it. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures. Combine images together to create your own. Work with layers to touch up your favorites or make something new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn.

Acorn's new Brush Designer is a great new feature where you can draw with a preset brush, and then modify the settings for the brush and watch your stroke update in realtime. No more hassle trying to get a brush "just right". Draw once, tweak, and save. And if you own a tablet, then Acorn's pressure sensitive brush options make drawing even more fun.


Straightforward, convenient, and easy.
All of the tools condense into one easy to use palette to keep your screen uncluttered and inviting to work with. Easily move the palette around if it gets in your way, or press the tab key to make it hide.

Along with your computer's Intel or PowerPC chip, Acorn utilizes your graphics processor unit (GPU) for additional graphics power. Less waiting equals more time creating.

Use layers and blending modes make the most of photo editing technics by allowing easy placement of text and other objects, without destroying the picture underneath. Layers allow you to try things out, and change your mind later on.

Acorn's text tools give you control over text, while making it easy to work with. Everything from bold and italic to kern and ligature. There's even spell check, because we need it.

Acorn features a tool that let you draw, scribble and sketch right on your image. Use a trackpad, mouse, or even a tablet. Acorn has everything you need for making pretty doodles, and even has nifty math to keep those lines looking smooth.


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