Active Partition Recovery Professional 11.1.1 Portable

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Active Partition Recovery Professional 11.1.1 Portable

Active Partition Recovery Professional 11.1.1 Portable | 22 MB

Active@ Partition Recovery is a toolkit that helps you to recover deleted and damaged logical drives and partitions within DOS, Windows, WinPE (recovery boot disk) & Linux (recovery LiveCD) environments.

Key Features:
• Ability to open Disk Image and recover all files and folders from a disk image to another location
• Support for Raw and Compressed disk images and any raw disk images created by third party tools
• Support for VMWARE disk images (*.vmdk) and VirtualPC disk images (*.vhd)
• Support for recovery of FreeBSD Unix UFS and Linux Ext4fs file systems
• Large disks are supported (larger than 2TB)
• Create Raw Disk Images
• Keep this program on a bootable floppy disk due to its small size
• Display complete Physical and Logical Drive information
• Restore MBR, Partition Table and Boot Sectors from backup if damaged

√ Plus Active@ Disk Editor,
√ LastChance recovery,
√ File Organizer & Copy All Data

Version 11
• Added LastChance recovery method
• Added Linux BtrFS file system recovery
• Added option of recovery only files & folders
• Built-in File Organizer for signature files
• Latest Active@ Disk Editor 5
• New Ultimate package now includes LiveCD…

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