Adobe Encore CS4 Content [Multi]

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Adobe Encore CS4 Content [Multi]

Adobe Encore CS4 Content [Multi] | 18.68 Gb

Adobe Encore CS4 - software for authoring DVD and Blu-Ray (bringing together audio, video, subtitles and menus) and the subsequent recording of the finished material on the disc. The program will suit both amateurs and professionals.
In the assembly includes: Encore mul AdobeUpdate, Adobe Encore CS4 Functional Content, Tastedigitalmedia - Wedding DVD Templates
When creating a DVD is supported by many national languages, interactive menus, multiple audio tracks and subtitles. The program has a built-in search module errors, and automatic creation of multi-level menu, you can also click of a button to create SWF versions of your DVD and Blu-Ray projects in the Internet. Adobe Encore recognizes the markers created in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, that enables you to convert these markers are placed in the files, AVI and MPEG-2, in isolated episodes of your DVD-project.
Number of tracks may reach 8, and the number of independent sets of subtitles - 32. The program automatically converts source files to MPEG-2 or H.264 and Dolby ® Digital Audio, also has a manual optimization of the compression parameters of your DVD and Blu-Ray video. A sound project management system allows you to keep in order archive of materials and constantly monitor the structure of the project. In addition, Adobe Encore CS4 package ensures compatibility with the various standards used in the manufacture of DVD and Blu-Ray discs. It supports all formats of recordable and rewritable discs.

Adobe Encore CS4 Functional Content
Basic Content for Adobe Encore CS4, available in the disk version, but often missing in the "boot" versions, especially in the Master Collection. Contains DVD menus, buttons and other basic elements. Without this Library Content tab in the bottom right corner of the absolutely empty, ie without additional content the average user to create a disc menu is impossible.

Taste Digital Media - Wedding DVD Templates
Address official website: Taste Digital Media ( 20DVD% 20Templates)
Footage (mov) + templates for creating DVD menus in Adobe Encore (m2v, psd).
Encore DVD menu templates, animated mattes (lower thirds and sider overlays) with alpha channels and motion loops for wedding videos and dvds.
Results from distributing 65 sets.
Each set consists of:
1. Background, Lower Thirds & Alpha Mattes in format. Mov (PAL 720x576, 25fps)
2. Background to the format. M2v
3. PSD files for Adobe Encore (2 pal + 2 ntsc)

1. Updated Adobe Encore CS4 - Encore-4.0.1-mul-AdobeUpdate - Setup.exe
2. Add the basic content - Adobe Encore CS4 Functional Content - Setup.exe
3. Add the templates to create a DVD menu - run Adobe Encore CS4 - in the bottom right corner click the program icon - New Item
Explorer opens the window - shows the way - add

Program Title: Adobe Encore CS4 Content
Program Version:
Address official site: adobe
Language: Multi
Tablet: Not required
System Requirements: Installed Adobe Encore CS4
Size: 18.68 Gb
Information for recovery: 5%

Adobe Encore CS4 Content [Multi]

Adobe Encore CS4 Content [Multi]

Adobe Encore CS4 Content [Multi]

Adobe Encore CS4 Content [Multi]