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World's most powerful reference collection software with integrated thesis processing. Not just plain text anymore. Archiva can save almost anything: Scientific Symbols, Pictures, Simple Tables, Spreadsheets. And so much more …

  • No more switch between two applications. Archive reference management system provides integrated thesis processing with Microsoft Word(R).
  • Existing documents can be migrated into Archiva format through manual, semi-automatic and automatic multi-level importing functions. Complex labels such as [3, 5-7, 10] can be directly scanned in followed by score matching reference import.
  • No more dissecting references into tedious fields. Archiva creative entry protocol makes manual typing completely unnecessary. Just drag and drop, then one click away. Advanced pattern recognition extracts information when needed.
  • Archiva documents can be send to other users around the world. Archiva documents can be directly read by Microsoft Word.
  • Super fast search engine. Multiple keywords and partial keyword matching are supported.
  • Support of drag-drop.
  • Support of OLE automation. Microsoft Word, Excel, Corel Draw etc can run inside Archiva.
  • Database management function support. Complicate database management is just as simple as file management with Windows Explorer.
  • Public or Secured run mode with user level privilege.