Apptivate 2.0.2

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Apptivate 2.0.2

Apptivate 2.0.2 | Mac OS X | 818 KB

A simple, beautiful hotkey manager. Launch applications, execute scripts, run automator workflows and open files or folders. All of this at the press of a key combination.
Apptivate 2.0 introduces hotkey sequences, which are simply a sequence of key combinations. In previous versions of Apptivate, you could only bind an item to one key combination/hotkey. In Apptivate 2.0, it's possible to bind one item to something like ⌃A + T, and another item to ⌃A + H. To activate one of the items, you simply press the key combinations in order: first ⌃A and then either T or H.
This greatly simplifies your key combinations if you've got a lot of items.

What's New in Version 2.0.2
* "Re-launching" Apptivate while it's running opens the main window (or the preferences window if the menubar icon is hidden).
* Added a preference to allow overwriting system shortcuts. This should fix the problem some people have been having with F14 and F15.
* It's no longer necessary to hover an item to see the hotkeys while holding the Option key.
* Pressing Enter when in the hotkeys view of an item brings you back to the list.
* Items are saved more often.
* It's now possible to order the items by name.
* Fixed a bug that would cause keys not to work. This might fix the problem with the i-key not working; if it doesn't, please contact us.