Archicad 15.3602 32bit & 64bit Upgrade

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Archicad 15.3602 32bit & 64bit Upgrade

Archicad 15.3602 32bit & 64bit Upgrade | 303.9 mb

ArchiCAD 15 enriches architectural forms available for designers to unleash their creative minds, and it also expands the scope of the BIM workflow to include renovation & refurbishment projects.

About Graphisoft

GRAPHISOFT is the pioneer and leader in developing Virtual Building solutions. For 25 years, GRAPHISOFT has been empowering the broadest community of architects to deliver model based projects that are better designed, more predictable to construct and less expensive to operate.

GRAPHISOFT has been part of the Nemetschek Group , since its acquisition in 2007.

GRAPHISOFT is firmly established in the world's three largest AEC markets: the United States, Germany and Japan; yet approximately one-half of its revenues come from smaller markets often neglected by other companies.

GRAPHISOFT's global experience and presence carry an even deeper strategic value as the world's building and software markets transcend national boundaries. Whereas most of GRAPHISOFT's competitors have relied historically on their domestic markets and tailored their products to domestic architectural standards and market priorities, GRAPHISOFT has quickly learned to identify and respect market differences. In the rapidly evolving world economy, companies such as GRAPHISOFT are ideally poised to exploit opportunities in local markets around the globe.

About ArchiCAD

The best reward for a passionate architect is to see design ideas take on physical form. With GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD Virtual Building, you can explore your
design ideas with full confidence, knowing that every detail is being captured and all your documents are synchronized. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has
created unprecedented potential for design collaboration between architects and engineers. With intelligent, model-based workflows between the various trades, coordination errors can be reduced to virtually zero. ArchiCAD 15 enriches architectural forms available for architects and designers to unleash their creative minds.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has created unprecedented potential for design collaboration between architects and engineers. With intelligent, model-based workflows between the various trades, coordination errors can be reduced to virtually zero. ArchiCAD offers architects industry-first open design collaboration workflows with leading engineering solutions worldwide.

ArchiCAD 15 Hotfix-2 (Build 3602)for BIM Server and ArchiCAD

This Hotfix includes fixes for a large number of Crashes, numerous Import-Export related bugfixes, bugfixes for Data-loss problems and solves important Teamwork related problems. The hotfix applies to all components: ArchiCAD, BIM Server, BIM Server Manager, EcoDesigner, BIM Explorer, MEP Modeler and all other GRAPHISOFT-distributed Add-Ons and Goodies.

List of bugs fixed in this Hotfix:

132425 API: Could not save IFC file by using the API
125886 API: Element lists provided for Add-Ons were not filtered based on Renovation Filter
133879 CRASH: ArchiCAD 15 BIM Server Manager could crash while in User Settings
129936 CRASH: ArchiCAD could crash after rebuilding section/elevation or regenerating drawing containing a shell
129682 CRASH: Recovering project crashed ArchiCAD if particular Work Environment profile had been imported
125855 CRASH: ArchiCAD could crash on editing "User Environment"
123018 CRASH: In particular circumstances ArchiCAD could crash after double-clicking on an elevation in the view map while the layout window was active
119292 CRASH: In certain situations undoing a Solid Element Operation between a wall and library element could crash ArchiCAD
114689 CRASH: ArchiCAD could crash with particular projects after switching between two instances of the application
129753 DATA LOSS: ArchiCAD displayed library elements as missing in projects with placed library elements without a GUID and containing "/" character in their names
133379 DOCUMENT: In PolyRoof Interactive Schedule the value of the "Holes Perimeter" was calculated erroneously
131138 DOCUMENT: A Layout ID renamed in the Navigator reverted to its original value and could not be received by other users in a Teamwork project
130839 DOCUMENT: With particular file in the Sheet Index List several Layout were associated with the wrong Master Layout
130768 DOCUMENT: Some dimensions and/or dimension points referring to composite structures were missing when opened in an ArchiCAD 15 Teamwork project, or an Autosave file
130000 DOCUMENT: Publishing failed if the file contained at least one External Drawing and its source file was still open
129951 DOCUMENT: After placing a new window and creating a view with the renovation filter set to '03 After Demolition' the window did not show
129925 DOCUMENT: In the Interactive Schedule a rounded/circular polyline placed as annotation appeared erroneously
129479 DOCUMENT: In the Interactive Schedules numeric elements were sorted in dictionary order instead of numerically. For example: 1, 10, 11, 2
129156 DOCUMENT: Sill/Header values were summed up when listing multiple Doors/Windows
127992 DOCUMENT: Window/Door nominal sill height couldn't be set in the Interactive Schedule
127557 DOCUMENT: In Interactive Schedules Cyrillic fonts were shown as question marks on Layout
127366 DOCUMENT: Using Offset Edge pet palette command on polygon of a dwg drawing placed as External Drawing crashed ArchiCAD
126926 DOCUMENT: X-Y only geometry method Dimensions didn't work if Grid Rotation Anglewasn't the default (even when rotated grid is turned off)
114251 DOCUMENT: In case of slabs with composite cut fill structure of skins didn't get displayed by slab label after changing from text label to slab label
132136 DOCUMENT/DATA LOSS: A dimension chain lost segments when Curtain Wall ID had been changed
127178 DOCUMENT/DATA LOSS: Some dimensions were lost after trying to subtract a polygon from a Fill, Slab, or Roof
115987 DOCUMENT/DATA LOSS: Saving file, moving Curtain wall, dragging a copy of Curtain wall along with its dimension could alter the dimension string associated with the Curtain Wall reference line
131681 EDIT: In Windows-Doors Settings, after changing Reveal Depth, Sill/Threshold depth was also set to the same value
131565 EDIT: Hotspots of doors/windows could be misplaced after resizing the containing wall
131257 EDIT: Choose Hotlink dialog was opened slowly if there were non-valid hotlink file locations
129500 EDIT: The caret that indicates the position of typing changed constantly in OS X Lion when a text box was created by double click
129295 EDIT: Element ID Manager changed ID's of doors in reverse order
129216 EDIT: In the Text Box the text didn't get wrapped in certain situations
127498 EDIT: Window lost its renovation parameter after splitting containing wall
126962 EDIT: With a particular project W1 Trapezoid 14 window could jump into another plane when clicking on its hotspot
126765 EDIT: When elevating a ridge of a multi-plane roof in section the height of the roof wasn't set accordingly
133409 FILE/C4D: Alpha channel was not saved with C4D files
119314 FILE/DGN: Saving to DGN succeeded only after the second trial
130873 FILE/DWF: If Rotated Views are exported to DWF, its elements will be exported with modified coordinates
110172 FILE/DWF: After exporting layout to DWF the model space coordinates of the elements could not be measured
132479 FILE/DWG-DXF: Rotated 2d polylines were imported incorrectly
129379 FILE/DWG-DXF: Shells' Floor Plan view wasn't exported to DWG
116531 FILE/DWG-DXF: Layers of the DWG-DXF template file were exported to DWG even though the "Do not export empty layers" checkbox was checked
103405 FILE/DWG-DXF: Drawing with rotated orientation was exported to DWG-DXF with rotated coordinates in model space
130443 FILE/DWG-DXF/CRASH: Data in DWG data not compatible with their nominal file format could crash ArchiCAD at import
133813 FILE/IFC: IFC based quantity for roofs and shells were missing in exported IFC file
133758 FILE/IFC: Contour lines of windows and doors were missing after importing an IFC file saved by ArchiCAD
133704 FILE/IFC: Walls lost their IFC properties if its Element Classification was set to "Wall"
133561 FILE/IFC: Some openings didn't create holes in walls with complex profiles in exported IFC files
133533 FILE/IFC: When ArchiCAD 14 file was opened by ArchiCAD 15, the ID of elements was overwritten by the ID's set in the IFC Data
133292 FILE/IFC: In IFC Manager one couldn't drag and drop a group of elements into another folder
132747 FILE/IFC: Columns could be misplaced at IFC import
132715 FILE/IFC: Height of walls could be miscalculated by ArchiCAD when opening Tekla models
132274 FILE/IFC: In IFC files saved by ArchiCAD and opened in Revit applications openings were offset
132225 FILE/IFC: IFC Properties could not be defined in the Objects' Settings Dialog, after the use of the "New and Reset All" command
131989 FILE/IFC: After saving an IFC file from certain projects the "Type" of the wall contained only the thickness of the wall instead of the name of the composite fill
131829 FILE/IFC: Some elements could be rotated after importing particular IFC files to ArchiCAD
131662 FILE/IFC: In IFC files exported by ArchiCAD, doors didn't have opening lines
131576 FILE/IFC: Some openings didn't create holes in walls in exported IFC files
131449 FILE/IFC: After importing a particular IFC file into ArchiCAD some doors were placed in front of the walls they belonged to
131058 FILE/IFC: Automatic export of Zone Categories was missing from IFC export. For the fix to work you will need to set a Registry Key in AC 15. See Wiki article.
130844 FILE/IFC: Imported IFC file elements could change size if their settings window was viewed and the "OK" button was used to leave the dialog
130713 FILE/IFC: Zones could be missing in the exported IFC file if Partial Structure Display has been set to "Core of load-bearing elements only"
130194 FILE/IFC: If the geometry of the axis of an IFCGrid was IFCLine ArchiCAD could not import it
130027 FILE/IFC: In IFC file exported by ArchiCAD and imported into Revit the frames of particular Curtain walls were rotated
129577 FILE/IFC: Walls were exported as simple IfcWall elements instead of IfcWallStandrardCase
128579 FILE/IFC: certain walls from AutoCAD Architecture/MEP weren't displayed in ArchiCAD
128231 FILE/IFC: Profiles of particular beams could be rotated by 90 degrees after importing IFC file
126846 FILE/IFC: Properties of Door/Window Type were missing from IFC export
113961 FILE/IFC: Walls could be misplaced at IFC import with particular IFC file
131169 MODEL: On Section/Elevation Multiplane Roof set to Existing renovation status lost its contours if Renovation Filter was set to "Planned"
130221 MODEL: in 3D Window object and casing could be erroneously positioned in Profiled Wall
126461 MODEL: Window Size couldn't be overwritten by parameter script
127552 MODEL/DATA LOSS: Window lost its renovation parameter and reverted back to "existing" after using Drag a Copy on the containing wall
129181 TEAMWORK: ArchiCAD could crash after migrating particular project
128969 TEAMWORK: BIM Server's backup scheduler wasn't working according to the Project Backup Schedule
128609 TEAMWORK: Importing a particular project file could crash the BIM Server Manager
130175 TEAMWORK: In BIM Server Manager managing users and projects was very slow
110642 TEAMWORK: Project Settings could freeze in case of connection through internet
133576 TEAMWORK: Server Activities window of Activity Monitor could display wrong Project Names after deleting the "Everyone" entry from the list of users of the project
118544 TEAMWORK: Unsent changes prevented layout update
120735 TEAMWORK: Updating Server Activities data in BIM Server Manager was slow
110453 TEAMWORK: User Settings window could freeze in case of connection through internet
120732 TEAMWORK/CRASH: Changing the preferred timeframe in the Server Activities window of BIM Server Manager caused its crash
128273 TEAMWORK/CRASH: In certain situations ArchiCAD could crash when trying to join a migrated project
127572 TEAMWORK/CRASH/FREEZE: Changing Backup Schedule for a project and pressing OK could crash or freeze ArchiCAD
131834 TEAMWORK/DOCUMENT: If Update command was given from the Documents/Drawings/ menu then non reserved drawings were also updated, but since changes in non reserved drawings are not sent to the server local user sees different state of the drawings in comparison to other Teamwork users
129977 TEAMWORK/MODEL: Different clients could see different colors for the same materials of complex profiles

Bugs fixed in optional Graphisoft components

130644 BIMx: After saving particular large projects to BIMx, they showed empty in BIMx
133374 BIMx: ArchiCAD was freezing at exporting textures with particular project
129541 BIMx: BIM Explorer or BIMx Desktop Viewer gave File error when opening a .bimx file by double-clicking on it or by dragging it on the application due to the name containing special characters
132404 BIMx: BIMx did not work on some computers with integrated Intel graphics
132153 BIMx: BIMx export didn't succeed if User Name contained characters with ASCII code above 127
131953 BIMx: Export of BIMx file failed if the the OS userhome parameter had been set to the root of the file system
130734 BIMx: Particular project could not be saved to BIMx do to a file dialog problem
130055 BIMx: Particular project if exported BIMx some textures were missing
132483 BIMx: Quad Buffered Stereo mode could not be used in BIMx
132480 BIMx: Textures were not shown on picture object
129378 ECODESIGNER: With particular project Net Heating Demand could be calculated erroneously when setting Heat pump for fresh air heating

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Name: Archicad
Version: 15 build 3602 32bit & 64bit Upgrade
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 303.9 mb

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