ArtMatic Pro 3.6 and Voyager 1.0.8

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ArtMatic Pro 3.6 and Voyager 1.0.8

ArtMatic Pro 3.6 and Voyager 1.0.8
Mac App | 36mb | Rs,Hf

Artmatic is a graphic "synthesizer" created by Eric Wenger (creator of the original (KPT Bryce - remember that one! - 1994-5), that puts images together by combining mathematical functions and gradient maps (and sometimes pictures). Say you had a plane, applied a blue gradient to it, and then the sine function. The result would be a wavy blue blue plane which drops off in color. - That's the BASIC idea.


ArtMatic is a unique kind of program: a modular, patchable graphics, animation and audio synthesizer. Its modular design and rich component set allow you to create stunning images, animation, video effects and sound. The applications for this tool are endless. Imagine creating fractal art, 3D scenes, stunning video effects,and intriguing sounds with the same tool! Anyone can create breathtaking vibrant images, psychedelic animation, and exciting new sounds. Demanding pros and amateurs alike will find countless uses for this exciting application. ArtMatic can create:

* Pictures - an incredible number of stunning pictures can be created during even a short session of a few minutes. Be sure to have enough disk space!

* QuickTime Movies - ArtMatic features several animation modes to render high resolution QuickTime movies
* Video Effects - ArtMatic Pro can design video effects that can be used as plug-ins in the VTrack video(not included) sequencer.

* Sounds - Strange, exciting sounds can be automatically generated from ArtMatic's mathematical "structures".

Artmatic Yoyager takes Artmatic files and uses them a height fields for 3-D terrains (also created by Eric Wenger).Here's an excerpt from that manual:

ArtMatic Voyager is a program for synthesizing and exploring stunning, high-resolution virtual landscapes and worlds. The application is a new take on 3D landscape creation that makes use of the ArtMatic graphic synthesis technology to create photo-realistic landscapes of imaginary worlds.The application can be used standalone using the built-in planets and provided ArtMatic systems, or you can use ArtMatic Pro to define completely new worlds and terrains of your own.

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