Autodesk Maya 2020.3 macOs

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Autodesk Maya 2020.3 macOs

Autodesk Maya 2020.3 macOs | 1.9 Gb

The Autodesk development team is pleased to announce the availability of Maya 2020.3. This update includes several top-requested improvements and fixes to various tools within Maya, plus freshly updated plug-ins like Bifrost Extension for Maya and Rokoko Motion Library 1.2.2.

Merge BaseAnimation layer on import

A new Merge Base Animation Layers option has been added to the Import options to let you merge the base animation layer of an imported file with the base layer animation already in the scene. Turning this option on is useful when working with scenes where many assets are imported.

The default setting is off and imported layers are moved under the current base layer.

The new behavior is activated by setting the file command flag mbl/mergeBaseAnimLayer to True.

Paint Skin Weights Tool improvements
The Paint Skin Weights tool is updated with the following improvements:

- The Filter Influences field behaves the same as the Outliner Filters, making it easier to locate and select influences you want to work with, especially if you have a complex rig. Previously you had to add special characters to filter in the Paint Skin Weights Tool, unlike in the Outliner.
- If you have faces or edges selected on a skinned mesh when opening the Paint Skin Weights Tool, your selection is now automatically switched to vertices, letting you begin painting weights immediately.
- Refresh of the Influences list after you perform various operations like Remove Unused Influences or Add Influences is now improved.
- A small issue with the Expand Influence List button shifting to accommodate a vertical scroll bar is now fixed.

HumanIK: Neck Motion Reduction setting

A new Neck Motion Reduction slider has been added to the Attribute Editor (HIKProperties > Retarget Specific area). Similar to the Neck Motion Reduction Properties in MotionBuilder, this attribute lets you dampen the amount of movement transferred from the character body to the neck. Neck Motion Reduction is useful when the motion created from inadequate capture data, and it works by averaging movement between the character's neck and chest.

Export support for .hikc v1

A new environment variable (MAYA_WRITE_HIK_V1) allows Maya to export .hikc files from recent Maya versions while running the 2017 HIK runtime. See also General Variables.

Maya 2018 implemented an updated version of .hikc that included additional roll joints that were unavailable in the 2017 HIK runtime. This new environment variable is of note for anyone who uses the deprecated Autodesk Gameware HumanIK middleware to load .hikc definition files.

New Graph Editor display option

A new Show Animated Shapes option in the Graph Editor List menu lets you set whether the Graph Editor displays all curves downstream from a node, or just the animation curve of the selected node. This is useful if you have custom rigs with specialized connections or when animators only want to view the transforms for a selected object.

Improvements to the Script Editor

New options have been added to the Script Editor, making it easier to work with tabs.

Similar to the tabs in a web browser, you can right-click a tab in the Script Editor to access options to create, rename, or delete tabs. Updated Script Editor hotkeys are more intuitive, and you can now close a tab by middle-clicking or clicking X. The tab options have also been moved from the Command menu to the Tabs menu.

Bifrost Extension for Maya

Maya 2020.3 Update includes Bifrost Extension for Maya version

With a focus on new capabilities and ease-of-use, version 2.1 of Bifrost for Maya makes it possible to build compounds using rapid point-cloud look-ups, nearest-neighbor searches, and raycasting. Other highlights include an improved interface for setting data types on nodes, better graph readability, and significant improvements in file IO. See the Bifrost Release Notes for a list of features and bug fixes included in this version.

Remember that you can always download the latest version of Bifrost by visiting the Bifrost Download Center.

Autodesk Maya 2020.3 macOs

Arnold for Maya 4.0.4 plug-in
Maya 2020.3 Update includes MtoA version 4.0.4. This release includes several fixes to IPR updates, an improved Tx manager, a new log Window in the Arnold RenderView, as well as several other improvements and bug fixes.
Updated Rokoko plug-in
This Maya update also includes an updated Rokoko Motion Library plug-in, version 1.1.2. The updated Rokoko plug-in resolves some installation issues experienced in earlier versions, and other minor updates. Visit the Rokoko Help & Community site for Getting Started content.
Updated ATF plug-in
This update also includes the latest ATF (Autodesk Translation Framework) translator version 9.5.0, which provides upgraded NX Catia V5 R6(2020) and JT support.
Import Standard Surface with FBX
Standard Surface materials are now included when importing or exporting an object or a scene using an FBX file.
Obtain your own crash error reports
If you are using Maya on Windows, you can now obtain crash error reports (CER) by writing a custom executable to handle this data. Set the MAYA_USER_CER_APP environment variable to the path of your executable, and Maya will provide the necessary command line arguments to call your CER handler when a crash occurs. See also General Variables.

Hotbox controls set to animation only shows rigging and animation after restart MAYA-106202
Caching : Crash selecting audio track in Camera Sequencer MAYA-104674
Caching : Temporary values remain when time is advanced MAYA-104932
Evaluation Toolkit: Printing scheduling type for a node is broken MAYA-104710
EM manipulation not working when some channels do not have keys MAYA-105404
toggleEvaluationManagerManipulation() method is missing MAYA-106614
Unable to open Expression Editor if Preferences become corrupt MAYA-105976
Rigs incorrect with Stepped tangents, Prevent frame skipping disabled and Smoothed meshes MAYA-105433
NodeEditor: GraphEditorInfo node shows in node editor when saving MAYA-106054
Error occurs after changing input deformer order of geometry when another instance of maya launched MAYA-106028
Blend Shape: No error message when creating a Blend Shape on the wrong node MAYA-106043
Manipulating keys not visible in GraphEditor window causes crash MAYA-105892
Blend Shape outputs are not listed in the Channel box outputs MAYA-106671
Channel Box history breaks on shared lattices MAYA-106453
Graph Editor: "Only scale selected keys" in Scale Keys Tool not working MAYA-105497
findRelatedSkinClusters does not work with full paths MAYA-106164
Camera Sequencer loses audio sync when offset, source start/end of audio node are animated MAYA-104359
Time Editor : Crash when adding more than 127 single channel animated nodes MAYA-104800
Time Editor : Bake to Scene with multiple clips selected causes errors MAYA-105470
MFnAnimCurve causes keys to display as altered MAYA-104908
Caching: Maya 2012 rig opened in 2019/2020 exhibits skinning artifacts MAYA-104866
Grab tool makes Blend Shapes jump to approximated points MAYA-105776
Parallel Evaluation : Geometry explodes into shapes starting from the freeFormFilletSrf node MAYA-106413
Parallel Evaluation : Make Curve Dynamic Crash in - awnSolver::nDynamicalComplex::comp_kdop_trees MAYA-105904
Parallel Evaluation : Crash playing back scenes with concurrent unit conversions MAYA-106004
Crash when rotating poly plane geometry that has proxpin constraint MAYA-104680
Importing certain FBX files from Adobe Fuse with blend shapes crashes Maya 2020 MAYA-104915
Open or Import of FBX files in 2020 crashes Maya. MAYA-105046
Incorrect RUNPATH in Maya libs on Linux MAYA-106195
3 extra zeroes get added to float values when editing in AE, if decimal separator is a comma (i.e. via German OS Region setting) MAYA-105206
OpenMaya function MItMeshVertex.getNormal crashes Maya MAYA-106422
Qt: Error when compiling QT devkit plugins on Mac because of full Qt lib paths generated by qmake MAYA-105617
Crash on startup if user install of PySide2 interferes with Maya MAYA-106332
Dragging the points of a color ramp control created by "gradientControlNoAttr" changes the color in the control. MAYA-105914
Cannot load plug-ins which has dot "." in the names via "requires" statement. MAYA-104060
Maya 2020 shiboken2 is missing dependency: libclang.so.7 MAYA-106425
Auto-save is not skipped if there were no changes since previous user save or auto-save MAYA-106560
Calling thisMObject from a MPxManipContainer crashes Maya MAYA-105729
MacOS crash when hovering over an area that should trigger a Toolclip MAYA-106428
Maya crashes when hovering mouse over Toolbox with setup of GL version <= 2.0 MAYA-106538
MDagModifier deleting parent if all children are deleted MAYA-105888
MArray disregards Python reference counting and crashes Maya MAYA-104317
Referencing file with '#' in it's name or file path will disable namespace creation MAYA-105315
Maya can't open compressed files with spaces in the filename MAYA-104853
Parts of docked Hypershade UI (or AE) will be black or empty after UI operation MAYA-105644
Double clicking on Preferences cancel button will cause error MAYA-106256
MDagMessage matrix modified callback not fired for local matrix changes MAYA-104815
Preferences can become corrupted if launching of prefs window errors MAYA-105247
Calling MSelectionList getPlug() when having a certain type of plugin, the list fails with a TypeError. MAYA-106235
Sound is not playing correctly when changes are made to Audio Silence MAYA-106368
getAttr -multiIndices returns incorrect value on connected ramps MAYA-105872
Break connections also breaks proxy attributes in referenced file MAYA-105199
Mac: Users can't debug plug-in on notarized build of Maya MAYA-106801
Devkit: locatorHelperShapeExport errors when exporting mesh MAYA-105745
DevKit: Python plugin moveManip.py missing toolOffCleanup to clean up callback MAYA-105501
UVs become corrupt on undo after polyDelEdge command MAYA-105492
Manipulators jump around when working with instances MAYA-105687
Display only selected UVs in the UV Editor when viewing connected faces MAYA-104511
Sculpt mode turns object black when using non default material shading MAYA-106337
Crash when using Sculpt Tool with 3D stamp MAYA-106400
Motion Graphics
MASH: Memory leak on Distribute Node MAYA-106172
MASH 35 times slower to build in 2020 than in 2019 MAYA-105387
Cannot change geometry type on MASH networks MAYA-106487
Crash when baking particle instancer MAYA-106556
ShaderBallOrthoCamera1 error when loading file with the Hypershade open if no UI scriptNode is present MAYA-104524
Getting value of world matrix from transform node in worldMatrixChanged callback isn't correct MAYA-106025
CurveInfo node controlPoints attr returns None MAYA-105896
Hold Matrix Node doesn't hold matrix MAYA-106026
outMesh-inMesh connections override deltaMush on the second mesh MAYA-104940
Graph Editor: Regression when "Display Assets" setting is on MAYA-105107
MFnSkinCluster.setWeights() causes a crash when skin cluster influence is a matrix node MAYA-106547
curveWarp scaleCurve doesn't update when driven through custom attributes MAYA-105848
Deleting Non-Deformer History also deletes deformer history in certain cases MAYA-104879
BlendShape doesn't blend properly on GPU MAYA-106511
Errors on scene load without an error message with proxy attributes MAYA-106024
Rivet errors out on creation MAYA-106027
composeMatrix's InputQuat attribute's short name changed from iq to oq MAYA-106604
Hypergraph middle-click drag menu shows drag-outputs instead of drop-inputs MAYA-105580
Expanded asset moves when contained node is moved in hypergraph MAYA-105770
XGen hair rendering regression on certain frame changes MAYA-105545
Mac: XGen Interactive Groom Editor display issue MAYA-105678
“space” keyword doesn’t follow XGen conventions: it should be "xgen_space” MAYA-106016
XGen doesn’t respect transform/group hierarchy in VP2 MAYA-106016
Log files can exceed 100 MB due to XGen errors and messages MAYA-106016
No support for xgen_cv_break in Alembic MAYA-106016
XGen AnimWires don’t work with namespaces MAYA-106016
3D Paint Effects don't update in the viewport until orbiting the view MAYA-106343
MPxSubSceneOverride draws UI drawables in the wrong place MAYA-104996
Using devkit fileTexture node for displacement will crash Maya during opening the scene MAYA-105065
Image Plane created from script not updating without Attribute Editor open MAYA-105599
Invalid Undo result from script which causes objects to lose material MAYA-105359
imagePlane display broken in Legacy Viewport MAYA-105701
Built-in imageplane flickers and crashes in VP2.0 when mouse-dragging frameOffset MAYA-105813
VP2RenderDelegate: transparent instances are not drawn with expected transformation MAYA-104688
VP2 doesn't update properly with hierarchy changes in Isolate Selection mode MAYA-105657
VP2 doesn't update with image planes that have custom attributes MAYA-104942
(Maya LT) ibl_brdf_lut.dds viewport rendering is broken in 2020 MAYA-106575

Autodesk has announced the release of Maya 2020, bringing animators, modelers, riggers, and technical artists a host of new tools and improvements that enable faster, more intuitive CG content creation from first concept to final delivery.

Building on powerful animation features introduced in Maya 2019, Maya 2020 adds more than 60 new updates animators will notice in their day-to-day work. The release also includes Arnold 6, which can now be used for production rendering on both the CPU and GPU, as well as significant performance enhancements and new simulation features to Bifrost, the visual programming environment in Maya.

Maya 2020 - What's actually new?

Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone—from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk Maya
Version: 2020.3
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.autodesk.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: macOs *
Size: 1.9 Gb

Autodesk Maya (LT) 2020 software is supported on the following 64-bit operating systems and at a minimum, requires a system with the following 64-bit hardware

Operating System
- Apple Mac OS X 10.11.x, 10.12.x, 10.13.x, 10.14.x operating system
- Nvidia Guide for Virtualization with GRID & VMWare
CPU: 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
Graphics Hardware: Refer to the following pages for a detailed list of recommended systems and graphics cards: Maya Certified Hardware
RAM: 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
Disk Space: 4 GB of free disk space for install
Pointing Device: Three-button mouse

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Autodesk Maya 2020.3 macOs