Automatic Windows And Internet Washer v5.0.47

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Automatic Windows And Internet Washer v5.0.47

Automatic Windows And Internet Washer v5.0.47 | 4.57mb

Your computer stores more information than you think. All over your hard drive there is information about the sites you have visited, files opened, people you emailed.
Most people know about clearing IE history and emptying their Recycling Bin. But a simple browse through a few key Windows files will soon uncover your habits. It doesn't even take much to discover these things. You can purchase a program like "Fast File Undelete" for $19 and get back files you thought were long deleted. What types of things are stored that you don't know about? Windows has a hidden index.dat file that stores the sites you have visited, and it stays around even if you clear your history! There are many other programs that keep histories too, like Windows Media Player, Kazaa, AOL, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Microsoft Office, and many, many more.
With one simple click, the customizable Automatic Windows & Internet Washer can:
- Clear your browser history
- Delete the contents your browser cached
- Remove all your system cookies
- Clear out your visited and typed URL list
- Get rid of the stored data in the hidden index.dat file
- Eliminate all the information remaining from Autocomplete
- Save space by getting rid of Windows temporary files
- Remove incriminating information from documents, history, and ��Find�� searches
- Dump out your Recycle Bin and clipboard
- Clear both Outlook and Netscape E-Mail histories
- Completely remove data so it can NEVER be recovered
- Use Government-strength removal techniques to delete entire directories

With ADDITIONAL support for clearing the histories for the following applications:
- Adobe Acrobat Reader, AOL Instant Messenger, CuteFTP
- Divx Player, Download Accelerator, Flash Get, GetRight
- GO!ZILLA, Google Toolbar, Hotbar, ICQ, Kazaa
- Windows Media Player, Morpheus, MSN Messenger
- Net Vampire, NetCaptor, Office (97, 2000, XP and 2003!)
- PowerDVD, Real Player, Sonique, SWiSH, The Playe,
- WinRar, WinZip, Yahoo! Messenger – and more!

You can also customize Automatic Windows & Internet Washer to:
- Automatically run at startup and shutdown
- Run in stealth and be executed by secret keys
- Run on demand and run on schedule
- Be an icon into the system tray

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