BestCrypt Volume Encryption 2.14.1

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BestCrypt Volume Encryption 2.14.1

BestCrypt Volume Encryption 2.14.1 | 5.84 MB

BestCrypt Volume Encryption - this is the new and useful program to encrypt all data in real time, stored on hard and removable storage devices by a certified cryptographic protection. The main feature is that all operations are done automatically.
BestCrypt Volume Encryption - this unique program. If you want to encrypt the system or boot partition, BestCrypt Volume Set so that the system nezagruzitsya without entering the required password. The program uses the encryption mode for the drive XTS and modern and confirmed the reliability and advanced high-speed encryption algorithms with maximum key.
BestCrypt Volume Encryption 2.14.1

- Encryption of all types of volumes located on the fixed and removable drives
- Allows you to encrypt data with many encryption algorithms, known as persistent algorithms
- Using XTS Encryption Mode with all encryption algorithms listed above
- Perform authentication to computers before downloading, if the system or boot volume / partition is encrypted
- Provide a simple way to use any of its own text, the password prompt appearing before Windows
- Support for hardware USB-key Aladdin eToken R2 and PRO, as a highly secret storage of encryption keys
- Support for encryption mode to hibernation (Hibernating)
- Encryption of files created with the break of the operating system Windows (Crash Dump Files)
- Support for multiple functions of salvation, allowing the user to decrypt the volume, in the case of serious damage disk

New features:
- Use the new regime the encryption XTS
- Ability to add user to the encrypted disk (including boot and system), multiple passwords
- Added function Anti-Keylogger
- Working in the traveler
- Remove the restriction on the size of 2 TB volume, ie Users can encrypt volumes up more than 2 TB
- Implemented support for the latest version of PKI Client from the company Aladdin
- Backup encryption keys stored on the devices Aladdin eToken, become more efficient
- If you encrypt a system / boot disk does not use back-up hard disk sectors to store its boot code

Encryption algorithms supported by the program:
- AES 256-bit
- Blowfish 448-bit
- CAST 128-bit
- GOST 256-bit
- RC6 256-bit
- Serpent 256-bit
- Twofish 256-bit