Bootable Utilities Image 2.3.0 Full [Mac Os X]

Bootable Utilities Image 2.3.0 Full [Mac Os X]

Bootable Utilities Image 2.3.0 Full | Mac Os X | 800 MB

Many operations require you to "unmount" your hard drive or partition such as: Fixing, Optimizing, Defragmenting, Partitioning, Cloning and Data Recovery. There are many great tools to do these functions, but to use them you either need a second operating system installed or a bunch of bootable discs. To make your life easier I have compiled a bootable image which contains as many of these tools as possible. This image can be burnt to a DVD or cloned to a iPod/flash USB stick/hard drive/partition; the resulting product will then be bootable.

What's included?

Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3
Clone X 3.3.0
CopyCatX 4.0
Data Rescue 3.0.1 {107}
Disk Utility 11.1 {252.4}
DiskWarrior 4.2 {909}
Drive Genius 2.2.1 {2200.27.79}
FileSalvage 7.0
Firmware Password Utility 1.4.3 {1}
iDefrag 1.7.2 {227}
iPartition 3.2.0 {161}
MacForensicsLab 2.5.4
MemTest 4.22
OfficeSalvage 6.1.5
Preview 4.2 {469.5}
RescuePRO {3.3}
SpeedTools 2.8.1 {2.4.3}
Startup Disk 1.4 {56}
TechTool Pro 5.0.6 {4594}
Terminal 2.0.2 {240.2}
TestDisk 6.11.3
TextMate 1.5.9 {1510}
VolumeWorks 1.5

The latest bootable image Apple released to developers doesn't seem to boot their old machines anymore. Because of that now making two different branches of BUI. One for old macs(2.2.x) and one for new(2.3.x). 'Old macs' are ones with the PowerPC(PPC) architecture.

TechTool Pro will ask you to update the TechTool Protection when it first loads; just hit cancel.

Hackintosh/x86: Check out: THIS!



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