Cigraph ArchiFacade v1.98 For Archicad 12

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Cigraph ArchiFacade v1.98 For Archicad 12

Cigraph ArchiFacade v1.98 For Archicad 12
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ArchiFaçade is a Plug-in that allows perspective images (photographs of façades, objects, etc.) to be transformed in order to correct, or "straighten" them.
Based on the principles of projective geometry, ArchiFaçade uses the appropriate mathematical transformations to remove perspective distortions from an image until a rectified version is generated.

ArchiFaçade's Tool Palette can be opened when necessary and is used just like any other palette, providing a simple and rapid way to correct the perspective of a building.

Obtaining the undistorted image of a tall building - perhaps one with elaborate mouldings and other architectural elements - is a lengthy and difficult task. The most rapid and efficient solution involves digitalising your photograph and then, with the help of ArchiFaçade, transforming it into a "straightened" image in which the measurements of the individual parts correspond to the exact proportions of the actual structure.
ArchiFaçade provides two simple methods for correcting perspective images, both of which require just a few measurements.

With the first method, the real coordinates of four points of the structure (measurements taken on-site) are indicated on the photograph that has been imported into the Floor Plan.
With the second method, first a significantly sized horizontal or vertical segment of the actual façade is indicated on the photograph. Then, on the same plane, two points are extended from the end points of the segment to apply the triangulation technique.

The program allows any unnecessary parts to be deleted from the bitmap, so that images can be refined and adjusted as desired.
Lastly, ArchiFaçade provides a simple graphic procedure for converting photographic images into ArchiCAD library parts, allowing them to be reused in photorealistic settings.
With a few simple and quick calculations, photographs of people, trees, wings of buildings or any other type of image can be inserted into 3D models without GDL scripting or the use of other programs.