Combit List and Label Enterprise v18.0.0.1

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Combit List and Label Enterprise v18.0.0.1

Combit List and Label Enterprise v18.0.0.1 | 259 MB
Languages: English, German

Thousands of development teams and millions of end users trust in the multiple award winning report generator List & Label. Since 1992 customers worldwide value the fast performance and scalability, the royalty free report designer and one of the most extensive report generators for sophisticated reports. You can enhance your applications by adding only a few lines of code to include all types of evaluations: reports, subreports, multi-tables, crosstabs, charts, gantt charts, gauges, forms, labels, serial letters, more than 50 barcode formats, web reporting.

Designer for end users included in Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition
With the List & Label Report Designer you can quickly and easily enhance your application with powerful features. It can be passed on with most desktop applications without paying any further royalty fees. The Enterprise Edition includes runtime licenses for server / web server applications.

New in version 18: The Designer now features an optional Ribbon bar, the preview can show multiple pages at once, Touch gestures supported on Windows 8, Designer also available as Control in the Browser

Flexibility and total control
Custom data fields and database fields can be combined as you prefer. Choose freely between component or DLL, data binding or independent from database.

New in version 18: Ready for Windows 8, significantly increased performance, new features such as Top-N-Reporting, back side printing, ADOMD commands

Multiple awards
List & Label has been available for over 20 years. There are many enthusiastic customers and press reviews worldwide.

Fast integration
Not a single line of code needed to integrate the Designer in .NET: Start the Designer directly from the development environment using the SmartTag link. It couldn‘t be any easier!

New in version 18: New Wizard to create Winforms more easily, example for web services

Easy to redistribute
No installation of database drivers at the end user. Redistributing is dead easy and the package is so handy. Only about 30 MB necessary!

New in version 18: NuGet packages

Choose developing environment
Change the language to suit your project - it´s no problem at all! E.g. .NET, Visual Studio, C#, C/C++, Delphi and many other programming languages!

New in version 18: Slick integration in Visual Studio, ready for Visual Studio 2012 and RAD Studio XE3

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