FanDev CuteDCPTools 1.0.22

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FanDev CuteDCPTools 1.0.22

FanDev CuteDCPTools 1.0.22 for Adobe After Effects | 6.2 MB

DCP, ”Digital Cinema Package”, is a collection of files used to store and convey Digital Cinema (DC) images, audio and data streams. The term ‘DCP’ has been defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives in its recommendations for the packaging of Digital Cinema content. CuteDCPTools - Adobe After Effects Plug-in. A toolbox for your DCPs. CuteDCPTools is an toolbox plug-in which allows users to import existing DCPs into After Effects. While imported in After Effects users can make changes.
Users can make changes like:
- Update the content titles for the DCP
- Adding new reels
- Split the DCP into reels
- Updating audio and video tracks without doing any encodings
- Create new compositions with language adaptions, subtitles or audio
- Imported subtitles can be edited and re-timed.
- Then RePackage and export the new DCP

Feature Overview:
- Import DCPs
- RePackage and export the modified DCP
- Title Helper tool
- Import subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)
- Export subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)

System Requirements:
- Adobe After Effects CS6 or later
- Windows Windows 7 ,Windows 8 ,Windows 8.1, Windows 10

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