Doggiebox 1.4.2

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Doggiebox 1.4.2

Doggiebox 1.4.2
Mac App | 5.6mb | Rs,Hf

Welcome! Doggiebox is a versatile percussion sequencer for Mac OS X. With Doggiebox you will be able to create and manipulate drum tracks in minutes, ranging from the realism of a human drummer on a full kit to the imaginitively bizarre. Doggiebox has been designed with home-recording musicians and hobbyists in mind, to complement a human drummer for a variety of situations. Whether you want to quickly produce a demo without taking the time to set up and record real drums, or have grand aspirations but don't own a drum kit, or just need a click track for guitar, Doggiebox is the perfect tool to fill the gap!

We believe that the Mac should remain the platform of choice for recording and post-production among computer-using musicians. Other beat-box and accompaniment software exists for the Mac, but none had proven good enough to satisfy the needs of our principal developer (himself a musician). And so Doggiebox was conceived.


* create and modify drum tracks of unlimited length and easily edit intricate rhythms using a flexible yet intuitive interface
* define, arrange and re-use song sections (such as verses and choruses) by dragging and dropping in a scrolling list, for efficient song building
* specify tempo and time signature changes, including compound time, over arbitrary bars in a song
* create and use your own drum kits, including their actual sounds and icons, and change between different drum kits while working on a song
* play songs through the speakers, to any MIDI-capable device or application, or export them to any of a dozen formats for use in other audio applications like GarageBand or ProTools

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