Hillstone Task Planner 2.5

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Hillstone Task Planner 2.5

Hillstone Task Planner 2.5 | 1.0 MB

HS Task Planner is a structured task list software. It falls into category of information and project management software. It allows users to easily create, delete, edit, organize and print tasks in a tree-like hierarchical structure


Structured, multi-level task list
Scrollable task tree view
Create new tasks
Move tasks and subtasks
Re-organize - Drag and Drop tasks
Track completion state
Collapse/Expand nodes
Delete tasks & subtasks
Keyboard shortcuts INS/DEL
Edit each task details
Print out expanded task tree

Hillstone Task Planner 2.5

OS : Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 or similar Operating System

Language : English

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