IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer 12.5

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IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer 12.5

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer 12.5 | 60.5 MB

Model business issues mathematically and solve them with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer's powerful algorithms to produce precise and logical decisions. IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer's mathematical programming technology enables analytical decision support for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing profitability.

• Fundamental algorithms: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer provides flexible, high-performance mathematical programming solvers for linear programming, mixed integer programming, quadratic programming, and quadratically constrained programming problems.
• Robust algorithms for demanding problems: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer has solved problems with millions of constraints and variables.
• Industry-leading support: IBM has an impressive rate of product improvement and ample support resources to serve you.
• High performance: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer delivers the power needed to solve very large, real-world optimization problems, as well as the speed required for today's interactive analytical decision support applications.
• Robust and reliable: A large installed base helps us make IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer better with each release. Every new feature is tested on the biggest, most diverse model library in the world.
• Flexible interfaces: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer gives developers a variety of ways to interact with it during the development and deployment of their applications.
• IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer is a component of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio, which combines and simplifies IBM’s product offerings for optimization model development, solving, and deployment. It offers in a single package, all the functionality that was previously available among an array of product and component configurations, making all tools and technologies available during prototyping and development.
• IBM ILOG CPLEX CP Optimizer provides a complimentary optimization technology based on constraint programming that is especially suitable for detailed scheduling and other difficult combinatorial problems.
• Latest version: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.4 offers improved access to predictive analytics tools with the connector to IBM SPSS Modeler. The connector enables CPLEX Optimization Studio to read data directly from SPSS Modeler streams and to visualize SPSS streams in CPLEX Optimization Studio's integrated development environment. This makes an integrated modeling environment for prescriptive and predictive analytics available to professionals using multiple advanced techniques. The CPLEX Optimizers offer significant performance gains both for mathematical- and constraint-programming. Additional enhancements include computation of dual values for second-order cone constraints in quadratic models, used especially in finance applications, and deterministic parallel search for constraint programming models, used especially in detailed scheduling. A new component, IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server, provides the capability to deploy OPL projects in enterprise environments using a client-server architecture, separating the computationally intensive algorithms of the CPLEX Optimizers onto dedicated hardware to alleviate the burden on more routine data handling and user interface tasks on database servers and desktop clients.

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