Interfaceware Iguana 5.5.2 (Mac Os X)

Interfaceware Iguana 5.5.2 (Mac Os X)

Interfaceware Iguana 5.5.2 | Mac Os X | 15 MB

The Iguana™ HL7 interface engine enables your applications to communicate with incompatible information systems. Whether you're looking to integrate your EMR, EHR, HIS, PACS or any other system, Iguana™ provides you with the necessary tools to develop, test, deploy and monitor your interfaces.

By refusing to accept the limitations of traditional HL7 interface engines, Iguana™ 5 opens the door to endless integration possibilities. The revolutionary new mapping environment; the Iguana Translator not only works with HL7 but also other formats such as XML, X12 and many other formats.

Iguana 5™ is the result of a self imposed challenge. We challenged our own assumptions about integration. We challenged the limitations of the traditional interface engines on the market. We challenged ourselves to deliver a true solution to the real-world problems of integration.

Real Solutions to Real Problems

Let's face it, integration is not easy. The interface engine industry is built on the promise of graphical mapping. You may recognize some of these enticing claims; "Build an interface in seconds", "No programing required" or "Point-and-click your way to integration". Graphical mappers work for very simple and trivial examples but once the real-world complexities of conditional business logic and transformations are introduced, they simply fall short. In the end the best solution is scripting. An even better solution was to make scripting easy. That's just what we did with the Iguana™ Translator.

Transforming An Industry

Iguana™ 5 is like no other interface engine on the market today. It offers a new unconventional GUI that makes scripting easy rather than trying to replace it. This web-based mapping environment works with HL7, XML, X12 and many other formats. It puts scripting right at the center of the mapping engine while providing dynamic feedback to the user as to what each line of code is doing, effectively giving the same transparency as a graphical mapper. This is true innovation that will change the entire landscape of integration.

Learn more about this revolutionary mapping environment.

Built for the Integration Engineer

Iguana™ 5 is designed specifically with the integration engineer in mind. We built an integration engine that offers the tools they need to complete successful integration projects. They need tools that give them complete control and visibility over their interfaces. They need to be able to handle the conditional business logic that frequently occurs in real-world integration scenarios. The Iguana™ Translator provides the precise insight and flexibility required. It makes scripting easy for both programmers and non-programmers alike, effectively minimizing the cost of writing and maintaining site specific code.

Your Success is Our Success

We have a very simple approach to selling our product; honesty. It begins with understanding the problem you're trying to solve. It is then our responsibility to demonstrate that our product will solve your problem instead of some contrived trivial sales example. For this reason, we prefer to demonstrate our product in your environment and work with you to begin solving your problem. The bulk of our revenue comes from repeat licensing and word of mouth. If our product doesn't offer you true value, then we will tell you. In fact, we will often even recommend a product in the industry that is better suited to your needs.