LittleSnapper v1.0.4

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LittleSnapper v1.0.4

LittleSnapper v1.0.4
Mac App | 7mb | Rs,Hf

Capturing snaps of entire webpages, as well as areas of your screen, has never been easier. LittleSnapper's menu item and global keyboard shortcuts allow you to capture webpages without leaving your browser, safe in the knowledge that the snap is automatically added to you library to work with later. Once you've started to build a library of snaps you're free to tag, rate, comment & organise your snaps using LittleSnapper's powerful library tools. Collections of snaps can be built using drag and drop, or you can use the power of Smart Collections that allow you to automatically create ruled-based collections

LittleSnapper's beautiful vector-based annotation tools allow you to mark up your images with text, callouts, shapes, lines, arrows, blurs and highlighting. Best of all, the annotations are all non-destructive allowing you to hide and show them at a moment's notice.

LittleSnapper knows that you'll want to share snaps with your clients, colleagues and friends. To make that possible, we've built in support for Flickr, image exports, FTP, SFTP and our own webservice especially for LittleSnapper users:

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