Maplesoft Maple 17.01

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Maplesoft Maple 17.01

Maplesoft Maple 17.01 | 1.7 Gb

Maple 17.01, a maintenance update, is available to all users running Maple 17. This update contains enhancements to many areas.

Maple 17 offers numerous advancements in a variety of branches of technical computation that push the frontiers of knowledge and Maple’s capabilities. New functionality includes ground-breaking achievements in solving a whole new class of differential equations, major advancements in solving systems of equations, new signal processing tools, expanded support for physics, statistics, dynamic systems, and more.

Performance has also been enhanced with improvements to frequently called routines and algorithms as well as in the low-level infrastructure of memory management. One example is a new memory manager, which takes advantages of multiple processors to allow computations to run 10% faster on average, with memory-intensive computations running up to 50% faster. With these new abilities, customers can solve more problems, faster, with Maple 17.

While the computation engine forms the heart of Maple’s technology, Maplesoft has always considered the entire user experience to be important, from the first explorations by a new user to the development of powerful applications by experienced customers. Maple 17 introduces further productivity advancements, with special emphasis on application development.

Maple 17.01 Update Details:

- An expansion of the video component to provide new start/stop time index controls and audio file support, as well as improved ability to play video files from a URL
- Extended MATLAB connectivity to include MATLAB R2013a
- Improvements to printing and resizing code edit regions
- Updates to solving equations with branch cuts and the numerical evaluation of the Heun functions
- Improved support for international keyboards
- Updates to Smart PopUps, the Variable palette, and the Snippets palette
- Enhancements to plotting, including an improved preview in the Plot Builder for interactive plots

Maplesoft Maple 17.01

About Maplesoft

Maplesoft, a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. in Japan, is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. Its product suite reflects the philosophy that given great tools, people can do great things.

Maplesoft’s core technologies include the world’s most advanced symbolic computation engine and revolutionary physical modeling techniques. Combined together, these technologies enable the creation of cutting-edge tools for design, modeling, and high-performance simulation.

Maplesoft’s products help to reduce errors, shorten design times, lower costs, and improve results. The Maplesoft product suite includes Maple™, the technical computing and documentation environment, and MapleSim™, the high-performance, multi-domain modeling and simulation tool for physical systems.

Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians use Maplesoft products to enable them to work better, faster, and smarter. Maplesoft’s customers include Ford, BMW, Bosch, Boeing, NASA, Canadian Space Agency, Canon, Motorola, Microsoft Research, Bloomberg, and DreamWorks, covering sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense, energy, financial services, consumer products, and entertainment. With Toyota, Maplesoft founded the Plant Modeling Consortium to promote the development of new design techniques for automotive and related industries.

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Name: Maplesoft Maple
Version: 17.01
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Size: 1.7 Gb

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