MarvelousDesigner CLO3D 2011 Pro 3.1.9 64bit

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MarvelousDesigner CLO3D 2011 Pro 3.1.9 64bit

MarvelousDesigner CLO3D 2011 Pro 3.1.9 64bit | 140.0 mb

Marvelous Designer software is a powerful three-dimensional modeling and fashion design. Marvelous Designer provides built-in mechanisms cloth simulation and rendering in real time, the export function in common formats (Collada, OBJ/MTL)

About CLO Virtual Fashion Inc

CLO Virtual Fashion is a pioneering venture with limitless possibilities in using an advanced virtual garment design and animation technology in fashion, film and game industries. "CLO 3D", our clothing sample CAD, can simulate the most look of real garments in 3D and enables us to achieve an effective real/virtual garment production process by cutting down the cost and shortening the period. "Marvelous Designer 2" enables to make virtual clothings very fast and efficiently. It also can simulate and animate them and produces digital contents and animations.

About Marvelous Clo3D

In Marvelous Clo3D support for design patterns complete, allowing to develop precise patterns without recourse to other CAD programs. Marvelous Designer provides synchronization of editing patterns and three-dimensional draping. Any change in the pattern instantly displayed on a three-dimensional models of clothes. Finally, by Marvelous Designer fashion designers can "stitch" any pattern in any style. Support for multi-layer folds and cross-linking allows you to collect clothes folds and pleats, pleating and utyuzhnye "arrows".

More info:

- [Added] Japanese Language
- [Added] Copy as Pattern, Copy as Internal Shape. Now you can copy/paste a Pattern to Internal Shape and a Internal Shape to a Pattern.
- [Added] (for CLO 3D) Circle import in DXF loader
- [Added] (for CLO 3D) Trace mode. Now you can trace pattern or internal shape by selecting lines. Double-click any line to trace whole lines into a pattern or internal shape. And click line by line to connect separated lines into a pattern/internal shape. To create a closed shape, make a loop by click-by-click the lines. To create a open shape, click the pre-selected lines again. This is useful for extracting patterns/internal shapes from the standard DXF file which has no difference between Pattern and Internal Shape. Select Pattern>Pattern>Trace menu.
- [Fixed] Unfold doesn't work properly for rotated and scaled patterns.
- [Fixed] Split Line doesn't work on lines including free curve points sometimes.
- [Fixed] Seam Lines does not displayed normally after turned off Seam Line display, loaded a new Garment model, and turned on the display again.
- [Fixed] Pin is created when clicking the right mouse button on simulation mode.
- [Fixed] Multi-selection doesn't work in Object Browser.
- [Fixed] Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Shift doesn't work in the string input field of Property Editor.
- [Fixed] Crash when clearing Avatar model with animation data.
[Version 3.18, 2011-07-18]
- [Fixed] Abnormal error messages sometimes occur when splitting line with Split Line Dialog.
- [Fixed] minor bugs from 3.17 version.
[Version 3.17, 2011-07-15]
- [Changed] (from 3.15, 3.16) Merged "Change to 3-Point Curve" and "Change Curvature" tool(activated when pressing "q") into "Edit Curvature". Now, in this new mode, you can change the curvature on any type of lines.
- [Changed] (from 3.15, 3.16) Removed 'q' and 'w' key functions in Pattern Window.
- [Added] Clear Avatar. Click Avatar > Clear Avatar in the main menu or Clear Avatar in popup menu of Avatar Window.
- [Added] Clear All Scenes and Props. Click Environment > Clear All Scenes/Props in the main menu or Clear All Scenes/Props in popup menu of Avatar Window.
- [Fixed] Several minor bugs in 3.16.
[Version 3.16, 2011-07-12]
- [Added] "Change Curvature" tool. In "Pattern Edit" mode, press "q" key and drag the free curve lines. Then, the curve changes smoothly and globally.
- [Added] Select all points/lines by Double-Clicking any point/line. This is useful when selecting internal open shapes.
- [Changed] Decrease the minimum Particle Distance from 3mm to 1mm
- [Changed] Decreased the specular and shininess values of the default material.
- [Changed] The seam lines only displays when editing seam lines in Pattern Window.
- [Changed] Merge "Edit Curve" and "Add Curve Point" modes into "Edit Curve" mode. Now you can add curve anchor points when clicking on any lines. If you click the curve anchor point, you can move it as in the previous version.
- [Fixed] Hided pattern still can be picked in Avatar Window.
- [Fixed] Several minor bugs in 3.15
[Version 3.15, 2011-07-08]
- [Added] Octane Renderer plug-in (for CLO 3D)
- [Changed] "Edit Pattern" mode split into three modes - "Edit Pattern", "Transform Pattern", "Edit Curve". "Edit Pattern" mode now allows for users to select multiple points/lines across different patterns.
- [Added] "Edit Curve" mode. This mode only allows for users to position the curve points. You can immediately switch between "Edit Pattern" and "Edit Curve" by pressing/releasing "W".
- [Added] "Transform Pattern" mode. Translate, scale, and rotate the patterns and shapes.
- [Added] Multiple points/lines selection in "Edit Pattern" mode
- [Added] Project file(.ZPrj) open/save. And you can configure the start scene(avatar, animation, garment, scenes&props …) in Preference menu.
- [Changed] "Smoothing Group" for each pattern is added into the OBJ file when it is exported.
- [Changed] Now, pressing "space bar" toggles "Play/Stop Animation" and "Play/Stop Simulation" in Animation Mode and in Simulation Mode, respectively.
- [Fixed] Undo/Redo doesn't work for Fold and Elasticity properties
- [Fixed] Can't import .mc file created in Maya 2010, 2011. To import .mc file, you need to place the corresponding XML file in the same folder as .mc file.
[Version 3.11, 2011-06-15]
- [Changed] License terms. Personal licensee may sell 3D data solely in xxx.MarvelousDesigner.cow.
- [Fixed] Minor bugs in the version 3.10
[Version 3.10, 2011-06-14]
- [Changed] UAC right from requireAdministrator to asInvoker so that users can drag&drop texture images without decreasing UAC level.

MarvelousDesigner CLO3D 2011 Pro 3.1.9 64bit

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Name: Marvelous Clo3D Pro
Version: 3.1.9 64bit
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 140.0 mb

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