Mathworks Matlab R2021a Update 3 macOs

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Mathworks Matlab R2021a Update 3 macOs

Mathworks Matlab R2021a Update 3 macOs | 17.6 Gb

MathWorks introduced Release 2021a Update 3 of the MATLAB and Simulink product families. Release 2021a (R2021a) offers hundreds of new and updated features and functions in MATLAB and Simulink, along with three new products and 12 major updates.

R2021a Updates Release Notes

Mathworks Matlab R2021a Update 3 macOs

Bug Id Summary Products Type Fixed In Modified Date
2499156 Exported ASAM OpenSCENARIO file shows XML schema validation errors
2354942 In some locales, the Deep Learning HDL Toolbox errors on compile
2358247 Incorrect Code Generation, Incorrect answers in rapid accelerator mode when Stateflow charts call multi-instance model blocks in export-function mode
2423137 Model build time much longer when generating A2L file
2436658 Incorrect Code Generation, Incorrect results are possible for a model containing a Data Store Memory block and a Function-Call Subsystem block
2441015 Incorrect Code Generation, Incorrect answer may be observed with reusable subsystems receiving N-D signals in the row-major mode
2451400 Incorrect Code Generation, Incorrect results might occur when a reusable subsystem input connects to a Model block input which connects to a Simulink Function block
2454249 Atomic subsystem SIL/PIL simulations do not support GetSet storage class
2457978 Invalid memory section error in atomic subsystem SIL/PIL simulations
2470133 Code generation may fail when custom Subsystems are added using TLC directives
2480768 Incorrect Code Generation, Incorrect results might occur for a model with a function-call subsystem that has feedback loop of output going into the input
2482170 Incorrect Code Generation, Incorrect results might occur if grounded Function-Call Subsystem with IC specified on subsystem's outport is present inside model reference block
2456657 Converting text to datetime fails if the InputFormat argument contains a literal uppercase S
2464469 MATLAB might crash and report an issue related to startup_plugins,,initializer,,BundleFilter,,filter
2466456 Using the web command to view custom documentation in the Help browser might result in a Page Not Found error
2471385 MATLAB can crash at an input prompt
2481716 connect, Connection refused error when using non-standard SSH ports to interact with Git source control
2493633 convertToGUIDECallbackArguments function throws an error when running an app migrated from GUIDE to App Designer
2437817 Incorrect Code Generation, Persistent data referenced in parfor loop might be initialized incorrectly
2483654 Code generation for smoothdata requires a nanflag option when nonfinite support is disabled
2436088 Standalone applications that use functionality from the Computer Vision Toolbox might fail to run on a Windows operating system
2486139 MATLAB crashes when saving a project using the "Save As" option from any of the MATLAB Compiler apps on macOS 10.15
2464551 Objects not deleted after generating PDF reports
2502708 Transpose-multiply operation errors on GPU for sparse real matrices
2484518 Code generation for a ROS node containing both ROS messages and variable size parameters throws an error
2480507 Mix-up of m and km in a Satellite Link Budget Analyzer P.618 propagation model example
2485630 The link computations are incorrect when receiving a signal from directions not aligned with the z-axis of the receiver.
2476172 Memory leak in SUNDIALS solver can slow system performance
2494367 SimBiology Model Analyzer data might show up in the incorrect axes when plotting multiple data sources with independent scenarios
2494449 remove method of SimData does not remove data
2428697 MATLAB might crash when comparing empty variable-size signals in the Simulation Data Inspector
2442145 Simulations run using the sim and parsim functions take a long time to start
2465702 Error during simulation of export-function model with bus element port when Merge block is driven by function-call Inport block
2478260 Incorrect Code Generation, Simulink might log wrong answer at root output port with automatic unit conversion
2478768 Running Upgrade Advisor programmatically for external test harnesses might produce an error
2481567 Incorrect Code Generation, Rapid accelerator mode simulation might produce incorrect results when Initialize Function block is inside a For Each subsystem
2484510 Incorrect Code Generation, Parameters are evaluated incorrectly when starting with double literal followed by more than approximately 4100 whitespace characters followed by additional operations
2497700 Code generation might fail when a referenced export-function model contains Simulink functions and has many function-call input ports
2497761 Error in rapid accelerator simulations run using SimulationInput objects when variable Workspace property is a string
2483880 Generating coverage report takes very long time Simulink Check
2431916 Incorrect SID and GraphicalName for bus element ports in data interfaces returned when using Code Descriptor API
2444321 Model build time much longer when generating A2L file
2454826 Model configuration parameter Use memcpy for vector assignment is not respected
2417071 Running consecutive coverage analyses on a subsystem harness might cause an error
2491230 When model uses data dictionary that contains bus object or boolean type variable, post-build failure occurs
2492850 Target computer crashes when global bus read from Data Store Read block during simulation that is started by using Run on Target button
2493603 In parallel model build where model blocks contain Speegoat fixed FPGA blocks, error occurs fl,filesystem,PathNotFound
2495908 MATLAB may freeze when a real-time application is stopped
2404198 When importing multiple ReqIF specifications into one requirement set, manually mapping attributes only works for one specification
2462594 Simulink Test Manager errors when using [Model Settings] as the Signal Editor override scenario
2489530 MATLAB becomes unresponsive when running tests on a model that contains a Record block
2437733 FPGA model in RFSoC template is incorrectly configured
2490638 Error about unrecognized field name "map_axi2dut" in SoC Builder with certain blocks
2482055 MATLAB crashes or an error occurs when adding a variant choice to a Reference Component in System Composer
2483596 MATLAB crashes when opening or loading a System Composer model that references another model
2497941 Reference frame name-value argument is not taken into account when adding surface or custom mesh into uavScenario

MATLAB, the language of engineers and scientists, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. Simulink is a block diagram environment for simulation and Model-Based Design of multidomain and embedded engineering systems. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on these product families to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development in automotive, aerospace, electronics, financial services, biotech-pharmaceutical, and other industries. MATLAB and Simulink are also fundamental teaching and research tools in the world's universities and learning institutions.

Release 2021a (R2021a) offers hundreds of new capabilities in MATLAB include dynamic controls in live scripts as well as a new task for adding plots to live scripts without writing any code. Simulink updates enable users to import C code as reusable Simulink libraries and to speed up simulations. R2021a also introduces new products in the areas of satellite communications, radar, and DDS applications.

Release 2021a Highlights - MATLAB & Simulink

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs more than 3500 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, USA.

Product: MathWorks MATLAB
Version: R2021a Update 3
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.mathworks.com
Language: english
System Requirements: macOs *
Size: 17.6 Gb

Mathworks Matlab R2021a Update 3 macOs

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Mathworks Matlab R2021a Update 3 macOs