Mister Retro Permanent Press 2.0

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Mister Retro Permanent Press 2.0

Mister Retro Permanent Press 2.0 | 154 MB

Realizing printing technology has left printed work without the texture, soul, or the spirit of vintage printing, Mister Retro created Permanent Press! Now you can create professional quality vintage offset, letterpress and silkscreen analog printing effects on any image in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and more.

Take your designs to the next level with this amazing plug-in! Give your designs an authentic pop of realism and a genuine tactile feel!

Whether you're looking for that vintage offset look or an authentic letterpress effect, now you can make your type shine with these convincing printing effects.

Transport any photograph back in time to reproduce them in glorious vintage colors and effects! Make any photo look like an authentic CMYK reproduced printed image or turn it into a stylized illustration!

Don't settle for line art right out of the box! Make your line art images into something memorable and dynamic with Permanent Press 2! Whether you want it to look like it was printed on a matchbook or simply pulled off a vintage advertisement, Permanent Press 2 makes any line art image even better!

Home Page - https://www.misterretro.com/filters/permanent-press

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