Multiplex 1.0.1

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Multiplex 1.0.1

Multiplex 1.0.1
Mac App | 26mb | Rs,Hf

Multiplex is a media manager for physical media DVDs and ripped DVDs on your system or external hard drive(s). Multiplex automatically detects all of your DVD media on the system, and provides metadata retrieval and cataloging features for your movies. Beautifully designed to take advantage of Leopard's Core Animation libraries makes for a wonderful user experience.

* Beautifully minimal interface hides a powerful engine
* Optimized for Leopard (10.5)
* Integrated with
* Takes full advantage of Core Animation
* Manages DVDs, DVD backups
* Keyboard navigation
* Automatic movie recognition through Discident*
* Search for and download metadata
* Support for other media formats
* UserVoice feedback engine built-in
* Grouping of discs into sets
* View all/view only available media option
* Multiple views: full-screen, stadium, single-row


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