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Otto Audio II II II II v1.5.1 (x64)

Posted By: Magictor
Otto Audio II II II II v1.5.1 (x64)

Otto Audio II II II II v1.5.1 (x64) | 8.8 Mb

II II II II is a quantum leap for heavy music & brutal tones in the box - an immersive high gain amp experience for the guitarist who is obsessed with distortion characteristics, detailed saturation & complex harmonics. II II II II reaches lower, punches harder & snarls more viciously than any other amp on the market. Extensive shootouts confirm that II II II II has elevated the bar. Complex harmonics, non-linearities and cascading gain stages produce unrivaled heavy tones that growl & feel as real as physical amps. Ideal for heavy music, down-tuning, baritones, extended scales, 6, 7, 8 & 9 string guitars.


Groundbreaking WIIIDTH™ effect - a blistering WALL OF SOUND double tracked effect, first of its kind in a heavy amp experience. This effect is utilized by engineers such as Andy Wallace - Like playing through a finished record, the ultimate riff inspiring machine. Allows you to hear what a part will sound like on a record, not to mention rip your head off at the right volume! Sit in front of a wall of sound. Primarily designed for riffing, but depending on the mix, you can use it in the mono/stereo setting. If you're noticing any phasing issues, simply use it in mono and then dual track as usual.

Descending harmonics™ - a phrase we coined as a way of understanding in what is functioning in the ethereal. This is no EQ trick. Somewhere in the realm of undertones, descending harmonics reach lower, chug thicker and pronounce clearer than any other product on the market. Want a devastating, wall-of-sound that reaches & translates ültra low? We got you. Want unique hand crafted tones for your signature sound? Done. Standard mix tones with clarity? It can do all that and more.

Unrivaled realism - Many amp sims only sound good at one setting, or are limited in some way. II II II II gives you direct access to be able to dial in and fine tune the power amp settings, bias, power amp resonance, power voltage sag, feedback circuit, speaker load / impedance curves, & dimensional IRs. This thing is an amp tweaker’s dream, a premium amp in the box! You can truly create tones that have never been heard before anywhere. The permutation math is in the tens of thousands of tonal options, for truly original tweaked tone. Become your own boutique amp designer & create your signature sound with the II II II II amp!

Home Page - https://ottoaudio.net/products/ii-ii-ii-ii-amp-sim