OverTone DSP PTH-2A v1.0

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OverTone DSP PTH-2A v1.0

OverTone DSP PTH-2A v1.0 (Win / Mac OS X) | 5.6 MB

Inspired by the Pultec EQH equalizers, the PTH-2A provides a cost-effective feature subset of the PTC-2A / EQP-1A emulation. The PTH-2A uses the same filter emulation technology, providing separately adjustable LF Boost and Attenuate controls for the signature Pultec low-end sound, with three selectable frequencies.


Separate LF Boost and Attenuate Controls

Simultaneous low frequency boost and cut, emulating the classic Pultec 'Low-end trick'.

Three LF filter frequencies
Switchable to 30Hz, 60Hz and 100Hz, provides a subset of the PTC-2A / EQP-1A ranges.

Five HF / Mid Boost frequencies
Provides a subset of the PTC-2A / EQP-1A ranges.

Physical Control WeightingReplicates the 'feel' as well as the look of high quality rotary controls.

Passive Filters
6dB / Octave passive filter emulation maintains the smooth frequency response and desirable control interaction of the original vintage designs.

Transformer-coupled gain stage
Similar to the original Pultec EQs, the passive filters are followed by a transformer-coupled tube amplifier stage which further enhances the vintage qualities.

De-cramped Mid-Range Filter
Innovative DSP technology models the behaviour of an analogue peak filter more closely than conventional digital algorithms, even at low sample rates.