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Overloud BREVERB VST RTAS v1.1

Posted By: egent006
Overloud BREVERB VST RTAS v1.1

Overloud BREVERB VST RTAS 1.1 | 15.2 MB

Overloud BREVERB is finally filling the quality gap between expensive hardware units and software plugins; it is the ultimate solution to any recording, mixing and live performance needs. BREVERB comprises four different algorithms, Hall, Room, Plate and Inverse, each one accurately modeled and engineered with no compromises in sound quality. The advanced modeling research effort that was put in the development of BREVERB allows you to recreate the sounds of countless hit records or leaves you the power to create your own signature sounds.

The same sound quality and user interaction as the top hardware units. BREVERB design features the same kind of control and feel you can get from top notch hardware reverberation units. BREVERB's no frills hardware-like user interface gives you effortless and immediate control over all of the parameters. In addition to the software advantage, BREVERB allows you to dinamically map parameters to six assignable controllers and to store, recall, automate presets in any way you want. Its processing algorithms offer the same astounding sound both in color and detail that always distinguished high-end outboard reverberation units from software plugins. BREVERB guarantees you the same sonic pleasure professionals are used to experience from expensive hardware, at a very competitive price.