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Pda Net

Posted By: PocketHero
Pda Net

Pda Net 1.80
Pocket PC Software | 1 Mb

Get Wireless Internet on your laptop through the Treo phone / HTC Phone (HTC Mogul, Cingular 8525, etc.) - The PdaNet software allows your computer to go online by connecting to your phone through the Hotsync USB cable or Bluetooth. If you own a Treo phone with a data plan subscription from any carriers, PdaNet will make it your wireless Internet Connection for your laptop/desktop computer instantly - no extra hardware or setup necessary. Check out what Treo users say about PdaNet.

Installation & USAGE instructions
1) Connect your PPC to PC via ActiveSync as normal
2) Install software on the PPC and PC
3) Check that the PDANet icon in the Today screen of PPC
3) Check that the PDANet icon in XP taskbar
4) To start conenction, right click on the PDANet icon in desktop and select "Connect"