Portable Dr Web (scanner only)

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Portable Dr Web (scanner only)

Portable Dr Web antivirus | 13.50 MB

Anti-virus – best active infection curing
Anti-rootkit – reliable protection against malicious programs featuring rootkit technologies
Anti-spyware – security of your personal information – best of breed detection of Trojans and key loggers

Cures viruses

High detection rate and speed of scanning are not the only criteria that determine the quality of an anti-virus. It should also be capable of curing files – restoring them to their original state instead of deletion making sure that a user doesn’t lose important information.
The capability to operate in an infected system and exceptional resistance to viruses make Dr.Web a stand-out among anti-virus applications.
Improved! Dr.Web has the industry-highest successful rate of curing active infections.
Improved! Unique technologies for scan of processes in the memory and excellent curing capabilities allow installing Dr.Web onto the infected system without its preliminary curing.
High probability of a successful launch of the scanning process in an infected system without an installation using a removable media.

Dr.Web scanner

High-performance Dr.Web scanner scans boot sectors, RAM, hard and removable drives, detects and disarms viruses, Trojans and malware of any other type.
Enhanced by Dr.Web Shield™ it also detects all known rootkits and stealth-viruses.

P.S. Be able to update the bases !

Language: ENG & RUS