Rulers 2.8

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Rulers 2.8

Rulers 2.8
Mac App | 8mb | Rs,Hf

Rulers is an application that lets you measure, align and inspect everything on your monitor(s). It's available for both Mac and Windows systems. "Rulers" allows you to create rulers on the entire screen area like most common graphic editors allow on their working areas only. The guide lines enable you to measure and position objects with precision. Rulers is incredibly useful in many fields, such as computer graphics, desktop publishing and web design. Rulers can also be used to select a screen area and take a screenshot that is automatically saved to your desktop or copied to system clipboard.


* Unlimited rulers creation
* Rulers autosave option
* Grid generator
* Multiple units of measurement support
* Multi monitor support
* Take a screenshot of selected area or whole screen
* Magnifier
* Color picker
* Automatic internet update
* Available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
* Available in 9 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian)

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