SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version

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SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version

SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version | 2.6 Gb
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Synchro Systems, a bussines Bentley Systems, is pleased to announce the availability of SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version, as a new desktop product that includes all SYNCHRO Pro’s functionalities and brings more value to users and construction projects by including Control 4D Cloud Service to feature our vision for collaborative 4D planning, scheduling and visualization.

SYNCHRO 4D 2020 Release Announcement

Introducing SYNCHRO 4D
iModel in the cloud can be accessed now through desktop, web and mobile. Expanding the value of the 4D model throughout the construction workflow, which includes PDF, documents, mark-ups, review and status updates across all phases of a project.

How is SYNCHRO 4D different from Synchro Pro?
Powered by iTwin technologies, SYNCHRO 4D Pro expands the capabilities of SYNCHRO Pro beyond traditional model file imports. Our cloud-based solution makes it easier to collaborate across all projects.

The 4D visa includes
- SYNCHRO 4D Pro: best in class 4D construction planning that opens cloud-hosted collaboration projects
- Iray rendering add-on in SYNCHRO 4D Pro
- SYNCHRO Modeler: model splitting for construction and model-based Quantity Take-Off (QTO)
- SYNCHRO Control: form-based project management, communication, reporting and analytics, and 4D model review
- SYNCHRO Field: field mobility for forms, 4D model review, and model statusing

Beyond the improved capabilities, SYNCHRO 4D also offers the following cost benefits:
- User Pricing for project hosting - allows for unlimited Projects to be created for collaboration in the office and the field. This replaces the need to purchase a separate “per project” Synchro SWP license as in the past
- SYNCHRO 4D now includes Iray adapter, previously an additional annual charge
- Every SYNCHRO 4D user also gets access to Control and Field, included in the 4D Visa Price. Extend the value of the 4D model from pre-construction through construction and inspections.

SYNCHRO 4D: Cloud-hosted Collaboration [Using iModel Connectors]

Introducing SYNCHRO 4D Pro as a new product

In this 2020 (v6.3) release, we are introducing SYNCHRO 4D Pro as a new desktop product that includes all SYNCHRO Pro’s functionalities and brings more value to users and construction projects by including Control 4D Cloud Service to feature our vision for collaborative 4D planning, scheduling and visualization. 4D project data is more accessible than ever. Plan the project through 4D Pro, view and playback 4D sequence on the web, and perform model-based progress tracking through mobile. Behind the Control 4D Cloud Service is Bentley’s iModel/ iTwin technology. SYNCHRO 4D Pro also includes Iray with no extra cost.

Meanwhile, SYNCHRO Pro continues as the 4D market leading desktop application for standalone and file-based 4D Planning, Scheduling and Visualization. Iray is additional to be used with SYNCHRO Pro.

Major Improvements and New Features

- Display Earned Value Graph as a percentage of total. Now you can use the EVA graph to show project progress without sharing sensitive cost information.
- Use saved synchronization setting for schedules. Choose your import/export/synchronization settings once and save them for re-use whenever you import/export/synchronize any file of the same file type; or save different settings for each file individually. Save time and avoid mistakes.
- Option to synchronize Actual Dates for Started and Finished Tasks separately from Planned Dates. For projects integrating with Primavera® P6, this allows the task status updates to be owned and managed by the 4D team while the planned dates for not started tasks and new tasks continue to be updated in P6.
- Filter tasks by WBS summaries. Quickly create a filter from selected summary tasks, then enable the option to “Include subtasks” to show all tasks in those WBS summaries
- Automatically color by Code Value in tables. Code Value color is automatically displayed as cell background color when the Code column is added to the table
- Allow for comment in both User Field formula and Script. Add comment text in User Field Formulas and Script to explain the formula/script
- Edit Resource Status Date in Resource table. Quickly and easily update Resource Status dates directly in the Resource table, enables pasting data from an external spreadsheet
- Option to turn off “Task Start/Finish Time” wizard when updating task progress. Update Task Status more quickly by disabling these dialogs; saved preferences (e.g. Planned Start vs Data Date) will be used for all updated tasks and Actual Start/Finish can always be edited in the Task table or Task Properties
- Type into Date fields directly – Previously, date fields had to be edited using the Calendar picker or by editing the Month/Day/Year separately. Now, save time by typing directly into date fields using your preferred format (specified in Options>General>Time Display Format, e.g. 31/12/20)
- Easily find the model, schedule, and user fields associated with each External Data source – Sometimes when you’ve imported many models and schedules, it is hard to remember which External Data source is associated with which. Before synchronizing or deleting User Fields for example, you may wish to double check which model is associated with which source. Select the External Data source and right click to select associated 3D Objects, Resources, Schedule or User Fields.
- Edit Resource Type after creation. Edit the Resource type (Equipment, Human, Location, Material) after creation without having to start from scratch if you made a mistake initially
- Added additional Package/System Types for Work Package planning – Now supporting the following Package/System Types:
. CWA – Construction Work Area
. PWP – Procurement Work Package
. EWP – Engineering Work Package
. CWP – Construction Work Package
. FWP – Fabrication Work Package
. IWP – Installation Work Package
. MWP – Module Work Package
. TWP – Test/Commissioning Work Package
. Turnover System
. Turnover Subsystem
- Export image as PNG with transparent background. When exporting an image in PNG format, enable “Transparent background” to set the alpha channel as transparent in the PNG. Images with transparent backgrounds can be overlaid after export to create, for example, an exploded view of a building by level, or to place on a custom background like a site photo
- ProjectWise files now synchronized by document GUIDs. This means that when synchronizing a file from ProjectWise, synchronization can proceed even if the document is moved or renamed.
- Auto-matching “Use Parent” setting now searches the entire tree (not just the direct parent). When auto-matching on a User Field, if the object is missing a User Field value, auto-match will search up the tree until it finds the User Field assigned to a parent object or reaches the top of the tree. This is useful for auto-matching some DGN files where the User Field is assigned at the parent level.
- Primavera P6 import settings were moved from Options to Import/Synchronization dialogs. These settings are now more accessible to the user and are remembered for each file separately

Other Improvements

- ProjectWise: ability to change datasource on SynchroniseTo
- ProjectWise: use document GUIDs for synchronization
- Added plugin support for Revit 2021
- Added plugin support for Navisworks 2021 and Navisworks Simulate 2021
Bugs squashed
- Cost code not imported from Excel unless Activity or Resource Code also imported
- 3D Filter > User Field > Match All Fields not working 6.2v
- Cannot synchronise IfcSpaces
- Resource Cost incorrect when effective date occurs in middle of task
- Could edit notes created by another user
- Performing subdivision on certain objects hangs, crashes
- Objects missing on import IFC4 vs IFC2x3
- Growth Simulation with "Pause during Non-Working Time" did not work for Resource Groups
- Actual Cost in EVA Graph didn’t match ACWP in Gantt Chart
- 3D View Properties>Filters>Unfiltered Objects Settings were not saved with Viewpoint, Layout, Animation Keyframes
Performance / Refactoring/ Model quality improvements
- Improve removal of 3D and reading old SP files
- Accelerate 3D filtering
- Optimize working with data containing a lot of UF values
- Refactor some internal data structures to reduce memory expenses and improve performance when working with huge data
Integrations (Import / Export / Synchronization)
- ProjectWise Design Integration CONNECT (v10)
- iModel 2.0 (BIM files): import and export
- SPM file exporter
- Added support for recent 3D CAD formats:
. ACIS 2019
. Autodesk Inventor 2020
. CATIA V5/V6 V5-6 R2019 (R29)
. Parasolid v31.1
. ProE/Creo 6.0
. SolidEdge 2019
. SoildWorks 2019
. UGS JT v10.2
. Unigraphics NX 12.0
- Asta Powerproject v15 support
- Safran: support import from v7.3
- Improve synchronization to Primavera P6 PPM SQLite-based

SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version

SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version

SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version

SYNCHRO is a complete portfolio of integrated software and services for digital construction management. Together, they enable construction firms to win projects, deliver them more efficiently, and get paid, improving the use of data to optimize decision-making, resourcing, and profitability.

Powerful 4D scheduling and task management capabilities help plan and optimize even complex construction projects across in civil, building, and industrial sectors. With access to the latest data in the field via apps or a web browser, teams at the jobsite can access the information they need, tailored to the context in which they need it. View and record the status of tasks, track and raise issues, sync to model, dashboard, and map views.

SYNCHRO Pro is the leading 4D construction modeling application delivered in SYNCHRO 4D, enabling model-based scheduling and simulations. Improve safety, quality and cost throughout the project lifecycle

Virtual construction isn’t about project simulations, SYNCHRO Pro gives teams a medium to create, analyze, edit, report and manage projects through a single visual interface. What enables teams to improve quality, safety, productivity, and efficiency of construction projects around the world.

SYNCHRO Pro creates an environment that interoperates with all major 3D modeling technology and scheduling applications in the market.

Deploying this environment, with a real-time transactional database and open application program interface (API) running on Microsoft Azure Cloud, opens the door for total participation from the construction supply chain.

SYNCHRO 4D BIM/VDC Construction Project Management

Bentley Systems is the leading global provider of software solutions to engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, including public works, utilities, industrial plants, and digital cities. Bentley’s MicroStation-based open modeling applications, and its open simulation applications, accelerate design integration; its ProjectWise and SYNCHRO offerings accelerate project delivery; and its AssetWise offerings accelerate asset and network performance. Spanning infrastructure engineering, Bentley’s iTwin Services are fundamentally advancing BIM and GIS to 4D digital twins.

Bentley acquired 4D pioneer Synchro Systems in June 2018, and in October 2018 positioned the Synchro deal as a key step in expanding its construction-oriented toolset, and mentioned integration with Microsoft Hololens was part of the development roadmap.

Product: SYNCHRO
Version: 4D Pro 2020 (version
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.bentley.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Size: 2.6 Gb

SYNCHRO Client System Requirements

In order to run the SYNCHRO client, the following Minimum, Recommend and Enterprise Edition system specifications are outlined below.

- The Minimum Specification accommodates a project with several thousand tasks, and some 3D information (such as the example models provided with SYNCHRO)
- The Recommended Specification accommodates a project with tens of thousands of tasks, and detailed 3D information.
- The Enterprise Specification ensure scalability and performance for the largest projects, and highly detailed 3D information (for example structure plus MEP detail)

SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version

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SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2020 (version