SoftGroup.NET Compiler Project v2.0.3447

Posted By: egent006
SoftGroup.NET Compiler Project v2.0.3447

SoftGroup.NET Compiler Project v2.0.3447
Win App | 6.2 MB | RS.COM

Softgroup .Net Compiler Project is a powerful and ease to use utility that can compile multiple Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 Projects written in C# or VB .net in a single step.

With Softgroup .Net Compiler Project you can create a list of project located in different folders, rearrange order of compilation, setups global compilation options and compile all in a single step. You can also save all your settings in a single file (.ncp) for later reuse.

Softgroup .Net Compiler Project contains many features as listed below:

• List of projects and related options can be save in a single file for later use
• Change order of projects compilation
• Can automatically change project referenced assemblies with specified path during compilation
• Execute custom command before and/or after any project compilation
• Execute custom command before and/or after all projects compilation
• Build or Rebuild list of projects
• Optionally clean projects before compile.
• Optionally compile and deploy projects
• Optionally generate log for compiler output of any project
• Open generated log for any project after compilation
• Open Project directly from .Net Compiler Project