Softwarenetz Receipt Block v3.04 Multilingual

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Softwarenetz Receipt Block v3.04 Multilingual

Softwarenetz Receipt Block v3.04 Multilingual | 2.55 Mb

Receipt block - Create, print and save receipts easy and fast. Compatible with the Softwarenetz Cash book.

Softwarenetz Receipt block for Windows
* Automatic numbering of the receipts
* The entered amount is automatically shown in words
* In the fields "For", "City" und "VAT" you can enter standard values.
* Free search for texts and amounts.
* It's possible to print 2 receipts on one DIN A4-page.
* Conveniently arranged listing with all receipts per date
* It's possible to print an empty receipt with or without city and description.

With the Softwarenetz Receipt-program you can throw your Receipt block away. Most of the fields on the receipt are filled out automatically (VAT, nett amount, amount in words, date….). Other fields can be filled in advance with standard values (e.g. City, description). This way you hardly ever have to fill out these field manually.

The receipts are saved automatically and you can view and print them at any time. It's possible to print a listing with receipts over a period you define. Or you can export the file to CSV-format in order to use the information in other programs.