SpeedTools Pro 3.7

SpeedTools Pro 3.7

SpeedTools Pro 3.7 | Mac Os X | 37 MB

With SpeedTools Utilities 3, Mac disk repair and maintenance has never been easier, faster or more automated. And, with it's unparalleled collection of performance and problem-solving utilities, you'll have your Macintosh tuned to perfection and protected from disaster in minutes! SpeedTools provides the advanced features you need: Safe and fast Disk Defragmenting, Bad Sector Detection and Repair, Disk Integrity Testing, Benchmarking, S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring with Email Notifications, Bootable Disk Backups, Locate/Repair Broken Aliases and Preference Files, Repair Damaged Volumes, Analyze Disk Usage, Low Disk Space Alerts, Find Large Files to recover wasted disk space and much more.

Features you won't find anywhere else…

Save Time. With the new SpeedTools 3 multi-tasking interface, you can Defrag, Test, Repair and Monitor as many disk volumes as you want and all at the same time.

No Boot CD Required. Why pay for new bootable CDs from other utility developers with every MacOS release? With SpeedTools 3, you won't need them. SpeedTools will safely Defragment Files and Repair Bad Sectors on your start-up drive without booting from another disk or CD.

Automate. The new SpeedTools 3 Schedule Manager makes scheduling automated tasks like File Defragmentation, Bad Sector Monitoring and Bootable Data Backups a snap. Now, you can keep your Mac running at peak performance and trouble free… automatically!

It's Everything You Need.

Whether you're a Mac rookie or pro, SpeedTools has the features that you need to keep your Mac running smooth and trouble-free.

Defragment Files: Defragmenting your files can dramatically improve file access performance and will make files more recoverable should your hard disk crash or directory damaged occur. And, defragmenting with SpeedTools is safe and fast!

Scan / Repair Bad Sectors: Scan for Bad Sectors in files or your entire volume. If a bad sector is found, options will be provided to repair the sector. Additionally, SpeedTools can tell you which file the the sector has damaged.

Test Data Transfer Integrity: This powerful test will verify your hard disk's ability to reliably read and write precise data patterns repeatedly. This test is unbeatable at detecting even the smallest issue with cables, connections and other hardware components.

Benchmark Device & Volume Performance: We didn't just create a basic benchmark feature like everyone else, we created a full benchmark utility suite! Intech's QuickBench and ZoneBench test suite for Macintosh is included free. Now, you can see the whole performance picture.

Backup and Restore: We all love Apple's Time Machine. Unfortunately, if you're using it as your sole method of backup, you're not fully protected. SpeedTools provides full volume backups to disk images and to other disks for a completely bootable level of backup protection.

S.M.A.R.T. Diagnostics: Examine your hard disk's built-in health and reliability sensors. These sensors can often predict oncoming failure before failures actually occur. And, with the integrated SMART Alert™ system you can have SpeedTools automatically monitor all of your disks and warn you of problems via an alert message, status menu or email. Compatible with all popular ATA, SATA and eSATA hard disk devices.

Find / Repair Broken Aliases: It's common for Alias and Symbolic Link files to loose track of their target file item. SpeedTools will find these broken links, tell you what the original target item was and allow you to remove or repair the link with a click of a button.

Verify and Repair Volume: Do you have a disk or volume that won't mount, have applications or files that can't be opened, or have other unexplainable problems? Often, these types of filesystem related issues can be easily repaired by SpeedTools.

Analyze Disk Usage: Stop wondering where all your disk space is going. SpeedTools will show you how much of your disk space is used by music, photos and other files. SpeedTools can also find those large downloaded files that you forgot to throw away.

Preference File Inspector: Preference files (.plist files) are used to store important settings. If damaged, they can prevent your System and applications from running properly or running at all. SpeedTools will scan entire disks or a specified folder to locate broken Preference files and provide options to repair or remove them.

Device / Volume Information: View and export detailed information about your connected devices and volumes. See read/write operation counts and time statistics, firmware revision, device serial numbers and many other unique features and attributes.

Volume Options and Settings: SpeedTools provides the ability to monitor free space levels on any writable, local disk that you choose. Additionally, each disk may have its own individual low disk space setting. When a disk drops below your setting, SpeedTools will alert you with a message. SpeedTools also allows you to hide and reveal mounted disks and volumes — a great feature to keep kids away from your important data.

Activity Logs: With the SpeedTools itemized activity logs, you won't have to remember the last time you defragmented or backed up your hard disk. SpeedTools will show you and provide you with a complete summary of each task outcome, including each scheduled task.

System Requirements: (Version 3.7)
MacOS 10.4 and Later (Fully compatible with 10.7.x "Lion")
PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel Processor
256 MB RAM
No Quartz Extreme Necessary!

Version 3.7:
Now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
Improved and/or optimized over 60 internal features and functions.
Added ability to Restart the Finder (located in the Advanced Menu). This feature is helpful when setting the Hide volume feature to see the change on your Desktop immediately without having to restart your computer.
Added "Current power source" line item to Smart Alert Status Menu.
Reduced idle time CPU usage.
Added Preference item to Hide the new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Recovery HD (on by default).
Reduced application startup time when Requesting Device Information for 10.5 and later.