Syser Kernel Debugger v1.99.1900.1111

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Syser Kernel Debugger v1.99.1900.1111

Syser Kernel Debugger v1.99.1900.1111 | 4.15 MB

Syser Debugger is designed for Windows NT Family based on X86 platform. It is a core-level debugger with full-graphical interfaces and supports assembly debugging and source code debugging. Syser Debugger is able to debug Windows applications and Windows drivers. Don't leech from Syser Debugger perfectly combines the functions of IDA Pro, Softice and Ollydbg, which makes operations easier and faster and provides powerful functions. It supports multi-CPU and Intel Hyper-Threaded processors.

- Supports color disassembly.
- Source code debugging supports syntax coloring.
- Source code debugging supports collapsing mapping between source code and assembly instructions.
- Supports dynamic loading and unloading.
- entire keyboards operations support. (If is doing not have mouse equipment situation all operations all to be allowed to use keyboard to operate)
- Full mouse action support (if no keyboard is available, all operations can be performed through mouse commands).
- Commands are Softice-compatible
- Multi-language support, fully implemented unicode at low level.
- Supports plug-ins.
- Supports multi-CPU and Intel Hyper-Threaded processors.
- Supports startup scripts (similar to batch files).
- Supports clipboard function, able to copy data from Ring 3 debugger to Ring 0 debugger.
- Fully supports PDB debugging symbol files.
- Automatically load drivers to debug.
- Supports comments adding when debugging.
- Supports bookmark function.
- Don't leech from
- Address navigation is supported in disassembly windows and users can browse different functions quickly by double-clicking.
- Source code debugging supports quick view of variables and users can view variable types and values by moving cursor over variable names.
- Syser is the perfect combination of IDA and Softice functions.
- Supports address cross-reference lists.
- Supports data reference lists.
- Supports the advanced processing modes of pointing devices, such as TouchPad, TrackPoint.
- Supports multiple data windows.
- Supports multiple code windows to facilitate the browsing of assembly code.
- Supports run trace mode for ollydbg.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista