Clean Text Menu 2.6

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Clean Text Menu 2.6

Clean Text Menu 2.6 | macOS | 8 mb

Clean Text Menu is an essential tool for webmasters, graphic designers, developers and magazine editors to reduce text cleanup and editing time, and it is a very convenient tool for all Mac users that needs to cleanup and editing text from emails, documents, or other material.

The main text processing features of Clean Text are:
• Smart Clean and Clean and Compact text.
• Clean Clipboard content without the need to paste it in the app.
• Fix spaces and line breaks, join paragraphs and strip quote prefix.
• Trim spaces and empty lines.
• Replace tabs with spaces, spaces with tabs, spaces with returns and returns with spaces.
• Replace one return with two returns and vice versa.
• Convert from three periods to ellipsis and from ellipsis to three periods.
• Convert quotation marks: curved quotes, straight quotes, angle quotes and Chinese quotes.
• Convert from single to double and from double to single quotes.
• Change case to sentence case, title case, uppercase, lovercase and random case.
• Remove empty lines, spaces, returns, duplicate words and duplicate lines.
• Convert HTML to plain text and URL encoding.
• Convert emoji and symbols to their description.
• ROT13 encode (replaces a letter with the letter 13 letters after it in the alphabet).
• Increase and decrease text indent.
• Add and remove line numbers and quote Prefix.
• Sort lines, sort lines in reverse, order words alphabetically and reverse text.
• Convert to upside down and to mirrored pseudo text.
• Extract Links, Email Addresses, Phone numbers and Unique Words.
• Find and Replace with live highlighting of matches.
• Pattern-based search and substitution.

b]Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit
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