Utimaco SafeGuard LAN Crypt Retail (Administration/Client)

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Utimaco SafeGuard LAN Crypt Retail (Administration/Client)

Utimaco SafeGuard LAN Crypt Retail | 79/29 Mb

SafeGuard LAN Crypt is an ultimate protection of data in enterprise network. While most data protection measures are designed to counter danger from outside a company, they usually ignore in-house risks. However, the potential for damage caused by the misuse of confidential company data exists too. In almost every organization, valuable information such as HR documentation, customer data, and research results is saved electronically without being protected. The current practice of saving data centrally on servers, multi-site workplace networking, and using mobile data media means that security risks are becoming greater. And as more organizations outsource their IT departments in an effort to reduce costs, their worries about data confidentiality increase accordingly. SafeGuard LAN Crypt provides comprehensive protection for all of a company’s data. It is scalable, so it can be used in small temporary teams, departments, project groups, or throughout entire organizations.

What is needed is a security solution that only lets authorized user groups access sensitive data across an organization. Even in-house system administrators or personnel from the outsourcing company should not be permitted to see confidential data. SafeGuard LAN Crypt solves this security issue by using fully automated file encryption to provide effective protection for confidential files. The security administrator defines the individual access rights for working groups and individual users in accordance with the company’s security guidelines. SafeGuard LAN Crypt then bundles these access rights in encryption profiles. Users are assigned to a unique “key group” based on their profiles, with which they can read the released files in plain text in the usual way. Unauthorized persons can only see an enciphered, unreadable string of characters.

Main features:
» Transparent data security for user groups and individual users
» Encryption on all standard media and in heterogeneous environments
» Division of power between system and security administration
» Simple implementation of a company-wide security policy
» Flexible definition of encryption rules for user groups
» Uncomplicated PKI integration and support or certificates, smartcards and USB tokens
» Seamless integration into heterogeneous IT infrastructures
» Uncomplicated, central administration using existing directories or domains
» No need for additional upgrades to existing IT infrastructure
» Scalable from individual user groups up to a company-wide rollout
» Simple to use by integration in familiar working environments
» Transparency for users

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