Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0

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Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0

Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0 | 12.6 Gb

During 2002 first version of VMA was released. For its tenth anniversary, we are happy to bring you the new “Pro” 6.0 version, the most complete computerized lunar atlas.

Since december 2009, date of the release of the “Pro 5” version, we were waiting the datas from recent lunar probes US LRO and chinese Chang'é 2 to format them and make them usable with VMA.It's now done and we have also used this long period for adding new modules and features to VMA, but also to actualize and correct its databases. We hope that all that new stuff will make your lunar observations or survays more and more interesting !

And this year it was evident that we have to dedicate this new version to Neil A. Armstrong since his “small step and giant leap” have given a lot of motivation for many of us for practicing amateur astronomy and specially Moon observation.

Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0

15 november 2012 / New Pro 6 & 10 th anniversary” version released

- New “Command center”
- Improved dynamic shadows
- Visualization of CCD cameras field
- 2 new textures “Ultra high resolution” LRO and Chang'é 2
- The new historical textures Hévélius / Langrénus / Beer & Mädler
- The updated databases with the new IAU lunar nomenclature
- The creation of the “LUNAR UNIVERSAL NUMBER / L.U.N.” for localizing easily each lunar formation
- The new exclusive database containing more than 52 000 anonymous graters identified by their L.U.N.
- 5 new scientific overlays
- The new “WEBLUN” module with access to the main lunar Web sites
- The new pictures library taken with the 1 meter telescope of Pic Du Midi
- The new pictures library taken by Damian Peach

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Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0

About Authors

Who is behind VMA ? Two astronomy passioned friends, each one in a special domain (The Moon for the first and astronomy computing and programming for the second) whose reunion has permitted the VMA realization.

Christian LEGRAND

Conceiver of the “Virtual Moon Atlas”, Christian Legrand is a passionated Moon observer, who has been impressed by Moon exploration.

In 1995, he had yet realized and edited a database about lunar formations with a managing software called ” DB-LUNE ” and illustrated with pictures of Etienne Lecoq.

In 2000, He wrote with Jean Lacroux "Discover the Moon", a beginner's guide soon published by Cambridge University Press, and now also published in german and spanish. This guide presents, as VMA, the lunar formations with their exact orientation in various instruments.

From 2006 January to 2008, he wrote the Blog "Images lunaires" that periodically presents the french translation of the site “Lunar Picture of the day” (LPOD) by Charles Wood.

Between 2007 March and 2008, he was also editor in the french magazine "Espace Magazine" and was in charge of the page “Lunar Tourism” that presents interesting lunar sites for observing.

About “Virtual Moon Atlas”, Christian Legrand is in charge of :

- General conception and evolution of the atlas
- Informations search and typing for database
- Maps and overlays search and pre processing for Patrick inclusion in VMA
- Pictures search and processing for inclusion in libraries
- Authorizations requests of specialized scientific organisms
- Documentation and Web pages writing
- Mails answer when they are about databases and pictures library

Professionally, Christian Legrand is engineer in the french Ministry in charge of industry.

Born in 1953, he is married and father of two children. He lives in France in Normandy.

Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0


Patrick Chevalley is worldwide known for his excellent celestial cartography freeware "Sky Charts".

In fact, he begun to program this kind of software in 1984.

Without his knowledges in programing and his Web practice, “Virtual Moon Atlas” will not be born.

About “Virtual Moon Atlas”, Patrick Chevalley has in charge :

- Software interface conception
- Software programing
- Software maps adaptation
- Translations managing and contacts with translators
- Web site and forum managing
- Mails answer when they are about software and translations

Professionally, Patrick Chevalley is computing engineer in the Geneva town administration.

Born in 1958, he is married and father of two children. He lives in Switzerland in Geneva canton.

Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0

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Name: Virtual Moon Atlas
Version: Pro 6.0
Interface: english, french
OS: Windows / Linux / MacOsx
Size: 12.6 Gb

All parts on,, interchanged. It is added by 5% of the overall size of the archive of information for the restoration and the volume for the restoration

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