WhatSize 5.0.2

WhatSize 5.0.2

WhatSize 5.0.2 | Mac Os X | 6.8 MB

WhatSize is shareware tool that allows the user to quickly measure the size in bytes of a given folder and all subfolders and files within it. You would be surprised at how many useless files might be laying around on your hard disks. The files and folders are automatically sorted by size, with the biggest sizes first.

While the app is measuring a folder the user can browse the files within that folder and immediately see the size in bytes. Hidden files, cache files, directories will all show up with their corresponding size.
- Once the measuring of a folder has ended the user can also view the information by filtering for particular file sizes or types. The user can also move unwanted files and folders in the corresponding Trash bin similar to the Finder’s Delete button.
- With DeLocalizer you can remove those unwanted locales for languages you never knew existed.
- With Nib’o Suction you can clean up all those unnecessary, forgotten nib files. Most likely these files were left over from the development process. Considering there are hundreds of these, they add up.
- With Lipo Suction you can trim up binary files by removing the unused architecture bytes.
- With Find Duplicates you can quickly and easily find duplicate files.
- For those of us, using Solid State Drives, being able to thin the boot volume by a few extra gigabytes will be a good thing.

OS version: Mac OS X v10.4 or later


Version 5.0.2:
Free to all users.
This release is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
Fixed Mac OS X 10.7 Lion file size math. In Lion one KB is 1000 so apple went to multiples of 1000 rather than multiples of 1024 when displaying the compact file size.
Addressed issue where path names contain '/' characters, Finder will convert these into ':'.
Addressed issue where the browser view was not properly refreshing.
Addressed issue where the Sparkle updates were causing a deadlock.