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WinSim DESIGN II version 16.17

Posted By: scutter
WinSim DESIGN II version 16.17

WinSim DESIGN II version 16.17 | 211.7 mb

WinSim has released DESIGN II Version 16.17 is a powerful and comprehensive process simulation computer program which performs complete heat and material balance calculations for a wide variety of petrochemical, chemical, and refinery processes.

DESIGN II Version 16.17 New Features - Date: July 18, 2023
Please note that version 16.17 PSD files cannot be read by version 16.16 or earlier versions of DESIGN II for Windows. However, version 16.17 of DESIGN II for Windows can read all previous version's PSD files.

Graphical User Interface Enhancements
- Added ten more lines of text to the stream and unit module tooltips, from 20 to 30, so that more information could be displayed when hovering over the object.
- Fixed a problem where all of the stored datasets were not being deleted and made the flowsheet file too large. The deleted datasets will be deleted properly upon the opening of the flowsheet containing them.
- Changed the maximum molecular weight for a pure component from 3,000 to 10,000,000.
- Fixed a problem where the stream results were not showing the Line Sizing results for stream numbers over 999.
Simulator Kernel Enhancements
- Added mixture compensation when calculating the pure component freezing points by phase using phase fugacity to solid fugacity to get a much more accurate freezing point for each component.
- Added triple points and solid data for carbon monoxide (48), ethylene (22), propylene (23), argon (1171), helium (1172), sulfur 1 (1301), sulfur 2 (1302), sulfur 3 (1303), sulfur 4 (1304), sulfur 5 (1305), sulfur 6 (1306), sulfur 7 (1307), sulfur 8 (1308), TEG (4044).
- Added estimation methods for triple point pressure, triple point temperature, melting point temperature, heat of fusion at the melting point, solid heat capacity, and solid density for those pure components without these properties.
- Added new pure component tables to the output file for the solid properties and vapor, liquid, and solid enthalpy at the triple point, and vapor and liquid enthalpy at the critical point, and vapor, liquid, and solid density at the triple point, and vapor and liquid density at the critical point.
- Fixed a case where a partially solidified Distillation column was throwing solids out the top product using the Super convergence method. Added a four phase flash of the top product stream and forced the column to recalculate using four phase Sum Rates convergence method if there were solids in the top product as the solution was infeasible.
- Fixed a problem in the display of the elevation of the Line Module when more than 9,999 feet below the surface of the water.
- Fixed a problem with the Plate Fin Heat Exchanger rating that it was not calculating the correct duty in pure water channels.
- Fixed a problem where a water stream was being initialized as a liquid instead of a vapor with a vapor fraction specification of 1.0.
- Fixed a problem in the dimensional units conversion from J/KGMOL was not properly being converted to BTU/LBMOL when reading in component heat of formation data from the compdata.txt file.
- Fixed a problem in the stream initialization where the Liquid 1 (hydrocarbon liquid) phase was being treated as a Liquid 2 (aqeuous liquid) phase.
- Fixed a situation where the user's entered pure component name was not be used instead of the default pure component name.
- Fixed a problem where the Line Sizing was duplicating the Liquid 2 (aqueous water) moles.

WinSim DESIGN II version 16.17

WinSim DESIGN II is a powerful and comprehensive process simulation computational engine, which performs complete heat and material balance calculations for a wide variety of pipeline and processing applications. The simulator's easy-to-create flowsheets allow process engineers to concentrate on engineering, rather than computer operations. A minimum amount of input is required to utilize WinSim DESIGN II. Also simulator offers advanced features, such as sizing and rating of heat exchangers and separators, within the flowsheet. The WinSim DESIGN II database contains 1,200 pure components, and others can be added via CHEMTRAN. Also included is a crude library with 38 world crudes, already characterized and at your fingertips.

Design II for Windows version 16 tutorial

This video is a quick sample of how to build an expander flow sheet using Design II for Windows version 16.
WinSim develops and markets DESIGN II for Windows, a steady-state and dynamic process simulator. We have been doing this since 1995 when we purchased the rights to the program from ChemShare Corporation . WinSim has over 2,000 active users of DESIGN II throughout the world. The company is based in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area.

Owner: WinSim
Product Name: DESIGN II
Version: 16.17
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.winsim.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 211.7 mb

WinSim DESIGN II version 16.17

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WinSim DESIGN II version 16.17