ZoneAlarm v7.0.722 Pro

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ZoneAlarm v7.0.722 Pro

ZoneAlarm v7.0.722 Pro
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This latest version includes a new award-winning antivirus engine that detects and removes a wider variety of threats with hourly signature updates to ensure that users have the industry’s most rapid and effective protection against emerging attacks.

More robust anti-spyware provides an additional layer of defense against blended threats. And ZoneAlarm’s innovative OSFirewall – the only firewall-based proactive prevention feature in a suite today – has been updated with new malware blocking capabilities, stopping spyware, rootkits, keyloggers and more from ever infecting a user’s PC.

A new Auto-Learn mode automatically configures security settings based on the user’s unique PC environment and behavior, making ZoneAlarm even easier for new users by greatly reducing the number of alerts a user may experience.

“ZoneAlarm has historically delivered the strongest security available by developing core technologies necessary to protect against known and unknown attacks. Our current release focuses on strengthening the fundamental layered approach and improving ease-of-use, producing the most secure solution yet,” said Laura Yecies, vice president and general manager of Check Point’s consumer division. “Today’s cybercriminals are motivated by financial gain and are often highly organized. Due to the increasing sophistication of threats, it is extremely important to take a layered approach with PC security. We continue to innovate multiple, integrated layers of protection to offer consumers the most seamless and comprehensive protection.”