Zultrax Software GrabJPG Pro 2.10

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Zultrax Software GrabJPG Pro 2.10

Zultrax Software GrabJPG Pro 2.10 | 2.47 Mb

Search and download images. GrabJPG has a built-in image search engine and a picture ripper. The program knows how to find images and how to find them fast. You tell the program what you want, e.g. with a keyword. Type "moon" and you get images of the moon. You can also ask for all images of a site or crawl multiple sites following links.

GrabJPG searches the entire web. That way you you get access to a virtual unlimited source of images.

Is it easy to use?
Yes. GrabJPG takes care of all configuration and fine-tuning. If you want to go more advanced you can fine-tune almost anything yourself.

Is GrabJPG safe?
The software itself is tested and awarded by many magazines, software sites and others. It is no risk.

GrabJPG only scan sites, it not actually visits them. This gives the site no chance to run scripts, show popups, install something or otherwise attempt to harm you. Even the darkest corners of the web will need a page to be visited, not just scanned to get a chance to do something.

GrabJPG is not suitable for minors. The program finds innocent cartoon images as easy as it finds explicit nudity, violence and so on. In that no difference than a search engine but adult supervision is advised in case a minor uses this kind of software.

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